KuSafeMars Coin KCC (SAFEMARS) Token. What is it and how to buy?

In this article we will talk about Kusafemars (SAFEMARS) Token, another new shitcoin from the Kucoin (KCC) network that mimics the Safemars from the BSC network. As you know these days many tokens came out of the new KuCoin Network, we from here recommend KuDoge Token, KoffeSwap, KuSafemoon and KuShiba inu. n more have come out and we have already had the first SCAM of the KuCoin network, which has been the KuCat token and well, as in all networks, there always has to be one and well I touch that one, so you have to be careful as in any Network , because any token can be SCAM.

In this article, we are going to explain all the information there is about KuSafemars Token, which is not that there is much information about the project, really. Of course, we are going to explain how to buy it.


SAFFEMARS is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value.

It does so by applying a:

6% transaction tax

2% goes to headlines

2% goes deflationary dead direction

2% is self-locked to liquidity.

Deflationary supply / burn forever

We will burn more than 50% of the total supply after launch and send it to a black hole address; As this address also participates in the protocol, it accumulates more tokens, effectively removing them from circulation. re is no limit to burning, the black hole will continue to grow, increasing the shortage of SAFEMARS.

Self-locking liquidity

2% of each transaction is subject to liquidity. This contributes to lower volatility and a constantly increasing floor price.

100% safe LP tokens will be locked. Fair distribution without whales. Active and committed team, ready to answer any question.


Road Map:

Third quarter of 2021

Safe launch

BURNED 50% of the total supply and seeded BLACK HOLE

Website redesign

Listed on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap

Smart contract audit

Marketing boost

Other associations

Fourth quarter of 2021

Community votes, events and contests

Launch of a new secret mission

Listed on established exchanges

Further development of the ecosystem

How to buy KuSafemars (SAFEMARS) Token?

Well, the time has come to buy KuSafemars (SAFEMARS) Token and for this the first thing is to have KCS in our Metamask Wallet and be connected to the KuCoin (KCC) network so here is this simple tutorial so that you can do it:

Tutorial to buy through the KuCoin network (KCC) from Metamask.

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Well now with our KCS in metamask we have to go to the following link to buy KuSafemars (SAFEMARS) Token Token with KCS and for this we have to go to the KUCOIN SWAP: https://koffeeswap.exchange/#/swap?inputCurrency=KCS&outputCurrency= 0x851f5df9c20359e8d35b7ec1d877dd9ce03f7c4c

Contract Address: 0x851f5df9c20359e8d35b7ec1d877dd9ce03f7c4c (In case you don’t get the Token directly.)

safest thing is that the token does not appear directly to them, therefore if it is so, they have to give it to continue, as I show them in the following image:

Well, once inside, the KuSafemars (SAFEMARS) Token will come out to exchange it, since that link is direct to this token.

We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have our KuSafemars (SAFEMARS) Token in our Metamask Wallet

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On that same website we can already see the live price of KuSafemars (SAFEMARS) Token.


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