Kudex Network KCC (KDX) Token. What is it and how to buy?

In this article we will talk about Kudex, which is a decentralized exchange, and about KDX, which is its token. This Exchange and token are from the KuCoin network and they want to compete with the Swaps that already exist, which are KoffeeSwap, KuSwap and KandySwap.

KuDex is the next generation open source protocol focused on establishing the performance of decentralized finance operations by providing decentralized token exchanges and a mix of financial services.

Below we will explain in detail what is Kudex (KDX) Token and how to buy it.

What is Kudex $ KDX Token?

KuDex offers users a new form of financing with easily accessible DeFi applications, the ecosystem facilitates the exchange of tokens on the Kucoin community chain, generates return on assets through agriculture and earns fees through redistribution, while that holders get dividends from the various dApps. the ecosystem is launched.

Because the team paid attention to economics, there is a healthy flow of assets running through the services Kudex provides to its users.

Which over time benefits those who commit to delivering liquidity through Yield Farming. KuDex is the governance token for the KuDex ecosystem, but also a utility token, having Kudex gives you access to all the benefits and services that the Kudex ecosystem has to offer and essentially makes you a co-owner of a dividend payment token. .

Each amount of KuDex gives you voting rights on important updates or changes to the protocol.

What drives Kudex?

Kudex was started by a collective of decentralization enthusiasts driven by their beliefs about the need for a revolution in finance, developers, strategists, and economists came together to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the early world of DeFi and strive to make Kudex the number one protocol for performance distribution, with the aim of enriching the protocol that its users focus on the economic skills that the team has developed over the last decades combined with the skills to perform complex pragmatic contracts and applications.

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As KuDex strives to always innovate, we are at the forefront in developing new solutions in various DeFi fields, so we quickly implement the necessary features to be at the forefront of innovation, combining this.

KuDex is creating a platform powerful enough to revolutionize multiple financial industries while creating wealth for its users as adoption of the KuDex protocol grows.

KuDex Swap and $ KDX

KuDex is a decentralized exchange running on the Kucoin community chain as a native KuDex token .. Its initial design is based on UniSwap and PancakeSwap, we are also rapidly developing new features, on KuDex anyone can add liquidity to KRC-20 tokens and anyone can change them quickly while the minimal fees allow for a seamless experience.

Farming at KuDex charges you a 2% deposit fee, and for the $ KDX portion of the liquidity, you go straight back to the LP pool. Fees like KSC and other tokens generated by the deposit fee will be fully used for buybacks, at first this will be manual, but over time KuDex smart contracts will take care of that. This allows a constant continuation of the price to the upside.

With the distribution of the token we are creating an asset that will do it. This facilitates a constant continuation of rising prices. KuDex will provide users with an easy way to provide liquidity and ensure that early adopters are well rewarded through farming.

Trading KRC-20 Tokens At KuDex, anyone can add liquidity to the KuCoin Community Chain tokens and anyone can quickly trade them, while the minimal fees allow for a smooth experience.

Farming ecosystem facilitates the generation of returns from assets through agriculture and the obtaining of fees through redistribution.

Stake LP in Pools Once you have your KDX, you can stake it in groups for passive rewards. Farming charges a 1.7% deposit fee that goes towards liquidity in the LP pool.

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Token Distribution:

Maximum supply | 100,000,000 | $ KDX

Liquidity | 30,000,000 | KDX (30%)

Public Sale | 30,000,000 | KDX (30%)

Agricultural rewards | 30,000,000 | KDX (30%)

Development fund | 5,000,000 | KDX (5%)

Marketing background | 5,000,000 | KDX (5%)


KuDex is born (July 2021)

In July 2021 we presented KuDex to the world; a decentralized protocol built on the KuCoin Community Chain focused on KCS token exchanges, farming, and staking, but rapidly releasing new dApps to become the number one DeFi platform for KCC

Launchpad dApp Launch (August and September 2021)

Targeted Marketing Campaign

Publication of the technical document

Expansion of the KuDex ecosystem

KuDex protocol now offers a variety of services. Users can farm through the KuDex protocol by betting on KCS with a 1.7% transaction fee. KuDex Launchpad is widely deployed with the KCC ecosystem. Token Bridge feature is now active and we are working on adding new features.

KuDex anonymity (October and November 2021)

Because the KuCoin chain is exclusively for KuCoin, there are some concerns regarding anonymity, without a bridge it is very difficult to securely transfer KCS tokens, with the mix of anonymity KuDex will put an end to that and transactions will be secured.

Infrastructure expansion (End of 2021 and first quarter of 2022)

KuDex chain

KuDex auto trading

Improved Dex interface

LaunchPad widely implemented

Government system

Cross Chain Exchanges

Official Web.

How to buy Kudex (KDX) Token?

This token cannot be purchased yet anyway, it will be purchased with KCS Token, which is the KuCoin Token and we are going to leave you a tutorial so that you can learn how to buy KCS and pass them on to Metamask.

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Tutorial buy KCS and go to metamask with your network configured.


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