Kubeans Club Farming (KUBEANS) Token. What is it and how to buy?

Today at Cryptoshitcompra.com we will talk about Kubeans Club (KUBEANS) Token. one that can be the first Farming of the KuCoin (KCC) network and that on this website and this article we are going to explain all the information about this Farming and this Token.

What is Kubeans?

KuBeans.Club is the first sustainable yield farming platform to launch on the KCC blockchain. Users can bet individual assets and LP tokens in our betting pools to win KUBEANS.

With KuBeans Yield Farms, DeFi users can stake individual assets or LP tokens to earn KUBEANS. Our farm is based on the proven MasterChef contract.

Farming initial issuance rate for our farms is 0.1 KUBEANS per block. This value will decrease over time and emissions will shut off completely once the total KUBEANS supply reaches ~ 2,000,000.

Deposit fees

When you bet tokens on a KuBeans.Club pool, there may be a deposit fee associated with it.

Always check the fees before depositing! maximum deposit fee that can be set in a group is 5%, and this value is encoded in the MasterChef contract.

Fees are charged to promote the KuBeans.Club ecosystem, manage token burning, and enable ongoing marketing and development.

Deposit fees are structured as follows to reduce selling pressure and facilitate healthy growth of the KUBEANS token price:

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Pool KUBEANS-KCS: 0% deposit! KUBEANS Pool: 2% Deposit Fee Non-Native Pools: 5% Deposit Fee

pool rates are distributed as follows:

50% used to buy back and burn KUBEANS.

50% used for marketing and ecosystem development.

Farm website: https://kubeans.club/


KUBEANS is the native token of KuBeans.Club. It is distributed through our performance farms.

Our goal is to build a DeFi ecosystem that will be heavily utilized by KUBEANS, thereby creating an organic and sustained market demand. This, coupled with sound tokenomics and farmonomics, will facilitate healthy growth of the KUBEANS token prices.


official KUBEANS contract address is: 0x00876418EBace35AB779060b14C91442881D408A

Explorer: https://explorer.kcc.io/en/address/0x00876418ebace35ab779060b14c91442881d408a KUBEANS is a standard KRC-20 token and can only be minted using the MasterChef contract, so you can distribute agricultural rewards.

Token Distribution:

100% of KUBEANS tokens are circulating on the market. 100% of the LP tokens for KUBEANS initial liquidity have been burned. KUBEANS price is supported by deflationary buyback and burnout mechanics.

Total initial offer: 50 KUBEANS

Maximum supply: Will be capped at ~ 2,000,000 KUBEANS

Initial liquidity: 50 KUBEANS: 50 KCS

Initial issuance rate: 0.1 KUBEANS per block

Fee 10% of the yield farm issuance rewards (0.01 KUBEANS) will be sent to the treasury address. se funds will be used for new partnerships and the future development of KuBeans.Club.

How to buy KUBEANS Token?

If you are new to the KuCoin network, the first thing you have to do is buy KCS Token and pass them to Metamask and for this, we leave you here a tutorial with which you will learn how to do it in a simple way:

KCS to Metamask Tutorial

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Once with our KCS in Metamask and the configured network we have to go to the following link: KUSWAP Kubeans

Here more information about KUSWAP

Once inside, the following screen will pop up to let us know that it is a new token, we give it to add and that’s it, as I show you in the following image:

Once the token has been accepted and added, we have to connect our Metamask Wallet with Kuswap and we have to select the amount of KCS that we want to exchange for Kubeans token and we give it to buy.

And voila, we should have our tokens in our Metamask Wallet.

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