Ku Panda Kucoin (KCC) $ PANDA Token. What is it and how to buy?

In this article we will talk about Kupanda (PANDA) Token, another token of the KuCoin (KCC) network that is so fashionable these days, this is because tokens such as KuDoge, KoffeeSwap or KuShibainu have come out that they are doing to the network every time best known.

Today we will explain all the information there is about this token and also how to buy it.

Why Rise (PANDA) Token?

Everybody loves pandas. y are the cutest fluff balls out there and are loved by millions of people around the world. However, their habitats continue to be destroyed and their population continues to decline. Here at KuPanda, we wanted to do something to help our fuzzy friends. With charitable donations aimed at panda adoption, you can get your own NFT of the chosen panda if you have x KuPanda! Join our fast growing community and help save a panda today!

Reasons for Holding Panda Token:

Passive Income Holders get x% from each transaction as a reflection, giving you more tokens for simply holding on. In this way, the delivery of diamonds rewards you!

Strong and active community KuPanda has a very strong community and is constantly doing new and exciting things. We have contests, giveaways, and events every day! Come to pass!

Safu At KuPanda, we take the safety of our holders very seriously. We are 100% safe with our property being revoked and liqiditiy blocked. In addition, we are in the process of auditing!

Good cause X% of each KuPanda transaction is reflected in a charity wallet, which is used for donations to different charities. Your purchases and sales directly help save and adopt our furry friends!

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KuCoin PANDA Token RoadMap:

July 2021

Lack of launch

Implement initial marketing

Focus on organic community and currency growth.

Listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

August 2021

Increased marketing efforts.

List on higher tier exchanges

Collectible cute panda NFT spear.

September 2021

Adopt Kupandas’ own Panda!

Charitable donations to protect endangered pandas.

How to buy Kupanda (PANDA) Token ?

Well, it’s time to buy Kupanda (PANDA) Token and for this the first thing is to have KCS in our Metamask Wallet and be connected to the KuCoin (KCC) network so here is this simple tutorial so that you can do it:

Tutorial to buy through the KuCoin network (KCC) from Metamask.

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Well now with our KCS in metamask we have to go to the following link to buy Kupanda (PANDA) Token with KCS and for this we have to go to KUCOIN SWAP: https://koffeeswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x6703Ec49892ab1EE8Ba2bdf8BAb208D77

Contract Address: 0x6703Ec49892ab1EE8Ba2bd48BAb208D3f9a0C7d8 (In case you don’t get the Token directly.)

safest thing is that the token does not appear directly to them, therefore if it is so, they have to give it to continue, as I show them in the following image:

Well, once inside, the Kupanda (PANDA) Token will come out to exchange it, since that link is direct to this token.

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We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have our Kupanda (PANDA) Token in our Metamask Wallet

On that same website we can already see the live price of Kupanda (PANDA) Token, we just have to go to the menu at the top left and click “PRO”.


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