Korbit reopens offline customer service center in Seoul’s busy Gangnam

cryptoshitcompra.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Korbit-reopens-the-outside-customer-service-centre.jpg »alt =» Korbit reopens offline customer service center at the busy Gangnam 101 in Seoul »class =» content-img »/> Source: Korbit

Trading volumes may have recently declined on cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea and regulatory issues continue to plague the industry, but some trading platforms remain positive and the nation’s first exchange has taken the bullish step of reopening. your boutonniere. Customer care Center.

Korbit opened its client center in April 2018, but closed it in January of the following year when the crypto winter began to take its toll. center is located on Tehran Street in Seoul’s prosperous and commercial Gangnam district.

While restrictions on social distancing and hygiene remain in place to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, Korbit announced: By EDaily, clients can now use the center’s ‘advisory services’ to get in-person advice on how to use the exchange, negotiate and learn to “deal with financial losses” with specialists.

However, customers passionate about cryptocurrencies will not be able to simply walk down the street: customers will have to plan their visits in advance, making reservations through a portal managed by the search engine and the Internet giant Naver.

decision follows a similar reopening of physical service centers by other members of South Korea’s “big four” trading platforms.

bithumb Y Coinone , which had closed their walk-in call centers due to low trading volumes, a lack of traffic and the coronavirus pandemic, reopened their Seoul-based offices to the public earlier this year.

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In many cases, exchanges have moved to cater to former cryptocurrency investors, many of whom say they struggle with online-only or app-based cryptocurrency trading tools.

Some older South Koreans told Cryptonews.com earlier this year, only people with advanced tech skills had what it takes to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies.

South Korean capital’s media outlets have published numerous photos showing older South Koreans waiting at exchange offices for advice on token trading.

EDaily also quoted Korbit CEO Oh Se-jin as saying that their platform will seek to “increase customer satisfaction” by “answering questions that may arise when transacting cryptocurrencies” in an “easy way” and “from the point of view. from the customer’s point of view. View. «____ To find out more: – Central bank admits: cryptocurrencies will be used as investment tool – Smaller cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea begin to close, suspend services – South Korean ruling party suggests more leniency with cryptocurrencies

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