KoffeeSwap Exchange and ($ KOFFEE) Token. What is it and how to buy?

KoffeeSwap is the Exchange of the KuCoin network (KCC) and $ KOFFEE Token, is the token of this Swap, in this article we will talk about this new token of the also new KuCoin network, which like Kudoge, KuRise, KuSafemoon and that Kuswap is having a lot of success in recent days and it is not for less, since these today enter any of these 3 tokens, it can make you multiply your money, since they are projects that may have a future.

In this article we will talk about Koffee Exchange and KOFFEE Token, everything you need to know, what it is and how to buy.

What is Koffee Swap?

KoffeeSwap is the first decentralized exchange on the KuCoin Community Chain. In addition to token exchanges, we have integrated real-time charts and transaction history.



Factory has the generic bytecode responsible for feeding pairs. Its main job is to create one and only one smart contract per unique token pair.

Code: KoffeeSwapFactory.sol

Factory contract is implemented in KuCoin Community Chain at: 0xC0fFeE00000e1439651C6aD025ea2A71ED7F3Eab


router fully supports all the basic requirements of a front-end offering trading and liquidity management functions. In particular, it natively supports multi-pair trading (eg xa and az), treats KCS as a first-class citizen, and offers metatransactions to eliminate liquidity.

Code: KoffeeSwapRouter.sol

router contract is implemented in the KuCoin community chain at: 0xc0fFee0000C824D24E0F280f1e4D21152625742b


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KoffeeMugs are the pairs that are generated when liquidity is added to the Exchange for the first time. se peer contracts serve as automated market makers and keep track of the pool’s token balances.

Code: KoffeeSwapPair.sol Each token pair gets a unique address when liquidity is first created.

KoffeeSwap Coin (KOFFEE) Token:

Code: Koffee.sol

KoffeeSwap Token (KOFFEE) contract is implemented on the KuCoin community chain at: 0xc0ffeE0000921eB8DD7d506d4dE8D5B79b856157

Exchange: View charts, transactions and trade: https: //koffeeswap.exchange/#/pro/KCS/0xc0ffeE0000921eB8DD7d506d4dE8D5B79b856157

How to buy KoffeeSwap Coin (KOFFEE) Token?

Well, the time has come to buy $ KOFFEE TOKEN and for this the first thing is to have KCS in our Metamask Wallet and be connected to the KuCoin network (KCC) so here is this simple tutorial so that you can do it:

Tutorial to buy through the KuCoin network (KCC) from Metamask.

Well now with our KCS in metamask we have to go to the following link to buy $ KOFFEE Token with KCS and for this we have to go to the KUCOIN SWAP: https://koffeeswap.exchange/#/pro/KCS/0xc0ffeE0000921eB8DD7d506d4dE8D5B79b856157

Well once inside we will get the $ KOFFEE TOKEN token to exchange it, since that link is direct to this token.

We give you to buy and that’s it, we already have our Koffeeswap ($ KOFFEE) Token in our Metamask Wallet.

On that same website we can already see the live price of Koffeeswap token.

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