Knightlands has winning game features – play to win

Knightlands reveals several ways to play and win, including trading, dividends, and a bag of seasonal rewards. Built on Ethereum and Polygon, the fantasy search game Knightlands brings mobile gaming to the blockchain.

Knightlands is an automatic fantasy RPG. If you’ve spent a long time playing different games on your phone, you’ve likely come across something similar. Fight monsters, gain experience, gold and items, spend energy, upgrade items and more. Some missions are time-based, some require just a few clicks to complete, while others simulate a battle. All items are star rated and players can level up, upgrade, or break them into pieces. As usual, the first levels arrive quickly and the game launches into the various dungeons, towers and trials.

Sometimes having so many options is a bit overwhelming. And Knightlands goes one step further. You see, in addition to your main character, you also summon troops. troops are organized into legions, which can feature up to six regular troops and three generals. Each troop and general has their own ratings, star level, and special effects. Also, each can be fully stocked with items. With seven equipment slots, they turn into 70 different items that you can control. And given the configuration of the game, it implies that in later levels you will have several Legions, each with some type of specialization that will help to defeat certain bosses.

Possible confusion aside, the game hits players with gamblers, endorphin triggers, and a shower of loot, wealth, and power. game is in alpha testing and is free. Those who like to have a head start may want to check it out for pre-sale on September 1. Packages range from $ 30 to $ 350 and are sold on the Polygon network.

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But how do you win the game?

Knightlands hosts two ERC20 tokens, FLESH and ASH. Players earn MEAT by participating in group raids. Players bet on MEAT to earn ASH, which they can use to upgrade items and troops to higher levels. y can also use it to purchase items that would not otherwise be available. Players can trade both tokens openly on exchanges as they are ERC-20 tokens. Presumably, active and attentive players can earn enough MEAT and ASH to sell a few extra tokens as they continue to fund their gaming experience.

FLESH supposedly wins with multiplayer raids, but I haven’t seen any available yet. I started mine, but so far no one else has joined. I don’t really know how to earn my first pound of MEAT.

But for anyone wanting to give Knightlands a try, the game is currently in alpha testing and runs on the Goerli network. Once you are on an Ethereum testnet, you can get free and fake ETH and spend whatever you want in the store. »alt =» »/> more

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