Jack Dorsey’s bitcoin wallet will have fingerprint authentication

Block, Jack Dorsey’s bitcoin company, is developing a bitcoin wallet that uses fingerprints for security instead of a password or seed phrase. According to Dorsey, integrating a fingerprint scanner into the hardware wallet should provide ??????seamless and secure authentication???????.


Since stepping down as CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has turned his full focus on bitcoin. As CEO of Block (formerly Square), he is involved in several projects. Such as the development of a new ASIC miner, a protocol to link the traditional economy to the bitcoin economy and therefore also a hardware wallet.

Block has announced that it is developing a wallet that is easy to use for everyone. This high ease of use will have to be created by the combination of a hardware wallet and a mobile application. Payments and receipts can then be made via the mobile app, independent of the hardware wallet. This saves the inconvenience and risk of constantly having a physical wallet with you.

??????We believe that PINs, passwords and seed phrases are confusing to many and often not secure,??????? Block said on their website. ??????Instead, we are going to implement a fingerprint scanner in the hardware wallet to guarantee seamless authentication in practice,??????? the developers explain.

Users will mainly manage their bitcoins through the app and will use the hardware wallet for transactions above a certain size. Which size can be determined by the user. According to Block, the hardware wallet itself will not have many features. For example, it will not have a display or numeric keypad.

??????We don’t want to force customers to get used to a difficult hardware interface again. Instead, we want to put the emphasis of ease of use on the mobile app,’ says Block.

The company wants to make the most accessible and safest hardware wallet of the moment. Block has also asked the Bitcoin community for feedback on the current design of the wallet.


Not everyone in the Bitcoin community was immediately enthusiastic about the integration of a fingerprint scanner in the hardware wallet. Many find the use of a seed phrase an important factor for the security of a wallet. The seed of recovery phrase serves as the basis for all private keys that you use in your wallet to transfer bitcoins. If you get into a situation where you can no longer access your wallet, the seed phrase is needed to recover your bitcoins. A seed phrase normally consists of 12 or 24 words.

Bitcoiner Der Gigi explains in a twitter thread why fingerprinting is not a good idea for the security of a wallet.

Biometrics (fingerprints, your face, eyes, iris, and speech patterns) are usernames, not passwords. Everyone has access to them. They are not secret. You can copy them and reproduce them,” Der Gigi tweeted.

It is not yet known when we can expect Block’s hardware wallet.

Earlier we wrote about Jack Dorsey and the developments surrounding the new ASIC miner.

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