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United States Revenue Agency (IRS) is doing its best to track criminals who use cryptocurrencies in the sale of drugs on the dark web, deploying an undercover agent to work in the peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace LocalCryptos. .com .

platform presents itself as a P2P market for bitcoins (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) with more than 100,000 users in 130 countries around the world who use its services to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Until 2019 it operated under the name LocalEthereum before the rebrand to include more cryptocurrencies in its portfolio.

By assuming the identity of Mr. Coins, the undercover agent has developed a stellar reputation on the site, garnering 100% positive reviews on his profile, raising up to $ 200,000 worth of cryptocurrency in approximately 50 transactions.

One of the IRS employee’s biggest successes included taking down a suspected dark web drug dealer by having him send more than $ 180,000 in cash in exchange for cryptocurrency, according to a search warrant. acquired by Forbes.

In June 2020, Mr. Coins posted an online ad offering to buy bitcoins for cash through the mail above market prices, encouraging potential sellers to contact him through encrypted apps like Wickr or Whatsapp. . Soon, a person calling himself Lucifallen21 contacted the undercover agent to ask about the offer. IRS identified the potential seller as a resident of Evansville, Indiana, and proceeded to negotiate the deal.

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By July 2020, Lucifallen21 agreed to purchase BTC 1.59 from Mr. Coins, wrapping approximately $ 15,040 of cash in clothing and sending it in a box to the undercover agent, according to available legal documents. man’s messages indicated that he was involved in the sale of drugs on the dark web, alleging that he was dealing in cocaine, marijuana, as well as “pills and opioids.”

man had proceeded to buy additional cryptocurrencies from Mr. Coins before the undercover agent decided to sell the $ 79,000 worth of cryptocurrency dealer for $ 54,000 in cash. Once the package reached the IRS employee, forensic experts took Lucifallen21’s fingerprints and, using existing records, linked them to the Evansville resident.

Lucifallen21 was arrested and the IRS filed a complaint in the Eastern District of New York. alleged drug trafficker has not yet filed a petition.


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