IOS beta update tips for future Bitcoin integration

A new beta feature in iOS allows suggestions for content creators, sets the stage for future bitcoin suggestions.

In the most recent beta update on iOS, the app introduces tip support for bitcoin content creators. “Tip Jar” feature, introduced earlier this year, has encoding that suggests that it will launch a BTC option.

Initially, Tip Jar offered users the opportunity to have Bandcamp, CashApp, Patreon, Paypal, and Venom extensions on their profile. In the near future, Bitcoin suggestions will be a possibility. Jack Dorey, CEO of, told investors that Bitcoin is important to the company in July.

More details from the recent beta version suggest that users will be guided through a tutorial. bitcoin tutorial shows the details of the Bitcoin Lightning Network and various wallets. Currently, it shows Strike, Blue Wallet, and Wallet of Satoshi as custodial wallets and Muun, Breez, Phoenix, and Zap as non-custodial wallets.

Additionally, the social media platform tells users that a Strike account is required. text says that it uses Strike for Bitcoin Lightning invoices. refore, if users want your suggestions, they must link their Strike account.

Currently, there is no news on the official launch date of the Bitcoin option. feature is not even available to all beta users at this time. However, it is a big step for the global tweeter community.

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keep moving towards cryptocurrencies

Over the past year, he changed his mind about cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, the social media giant banned the voices of some crypto-forward influencers. is a haven for the latest crypto news and trends from the community. When Elon Musk simply tweets or changes his profile picture, the coins jump or plummet.

Earlier this summer, the platform launched its own NFT series. This followed the NFTs from Dorsey’s NFT Tweet, which sold for $ 2.9 million.

Dorsey himself has taken a seemingly optimistic stance on cryptocurrencies and developments outside of the community. He spoke about the upcoming SEC regulations and hinted at the xLightning integration.

More recently, the founder of gave his follower more clarity on his upcoming decentralized BTC exchange.


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