How to use Eggbomb the right way! | Axie Infinity

An Eggbomb can either give you victory or put your Bird Axie in trouble, depending on how you use it. In this article, we will teach you strategies and tips for using Eggbomb in Axie Infinity.

Combine your Eggbomb with a blackmail card

An Eggmomb card will apply Aroma to your Bird Axie. Note that a scented Axie will attract all incoming attacks for the next round. Now if you have a blackmail card on your Bird Axie, you can use it to transfer the scent to your target Axie. Now your bird is safe from attack.

Here is an example combo for you:¡How-to-use-Eggbomb-de-the-correct-way-Axie-Infinity.png »alt =» Combo Axie Eggbomb »width =» 640 ″ height = »218 ″ data-recalc-dims =» 1 ″ />

1. Use Eggbomb only if it is okay to euthanize the bird

This is best if you don’t have a blackmail card. Only sacrifice your bird if you have energy cards and a lot of damage prepared for your average Axie. average Axie can be a Beast or an Aqua, ready to take up the battle for his dead bird.

2. make a habit of counting your opponent’s energy

This will help you predict if the opponent can kill your bird in that round. If you know that your opponent has more than four energies and you are not ready to sacrifice your bird, it is best not to use the egg bomb. You will regret it in the end. enemy Axie may have prepared damage cards against you to kill your fragrant Axie bird.

3. Use Eggbomb to save the damaged plant / tank

This is best if your bird is the fastest ax in battle or if your bird is the first ax to attack. If the opponent has damaged your plant and you want to prolong its life, be sure to count the total energy of your enemy before making this move. Once you’re sure your bird won’t perish from that round’s attacks, take out your Eggbomb card and (hopefully) a healing card for your tank as well.

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