How to invest in Cryptocurrencies wisely.

new business of the century, on everyone’s lips since the popularization of the first and most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), countless other cryptocurrencies have appeared with variations and improvements or alternatives using the blockchain base adding or removing unsurts of the original to distinguish themselves and improve each one in specific characteristics, some more promising than others but all still in uncertainty to determine their real value and to establish themselves solidly in a definitive way as currencies of common use.

Basic knowledge

All investment involves risk and investing from ignorance solely because of the noise of the masses and the heat of the moment is basically a safe bet to failure, especially with an emerging technology of which most people are not very clear about even the basic concepts of the structure that makes up cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain: One of the terms most used lightly as it is the basis of the security and generation of most cryptocurrencies, not all as they say, this term in English refers to a chain of blocks where the “blocks” are in simple terms, transaction pages encoded by an algorithm that converts them into a series of numbers and letters, these code pages together form the so-called ?chain?, an uninterrupted sequence that is continuously validated with the entry of each new block.

Miner: People who validate new blocks with transactions that are entered are known as miners, this involves a process and a luck factor to be able to validate the blocks first than other users and receive the reward that are new digital currencies of the currency in which it is mined.

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Hash: refers to the encrypted code from here comes the term cryptocurrency since the transaction is encoded in said code to occupy less space and offer greater security.

Proof of work: This mining process is done by entering not only the transaction but a certain number of random characters that result in the hash of the transaction plus a number of zeros in front of the hash from here comes the difficulty of validation and the impossibility of mining on a small scale today as finding the random characters is a matter of trial and error causing large servers to perform millions of tests faster than any user.

se are some basic concepts that must be taken into account to fully understand cryptocurrencies and know where their security comes from. However, their value is a completely different section because we can compare them with any normal currency of daily also have a series of security systems so as not to be falsifiable but their value is determined by the quantity in circulation and the productive capacity of those who use it, that is why the US dollar has such a high and stable value among currencies since behind there are many products and services that accept it in addition to having a large number of regulations regarding its printing and destruction.

Most cryptocurrencies do not have a stable value, on the contrary, they are subject to great speculation depending on the investments that are made at the moment and rumors, so before investing the best options to enter this world are the cryptocurrencies with more users in use and in turn a value closer to that of commonly used currencies

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Better options

Tether: a direct form of exchange each cryptocurrency of this company is generated based on the investments of the users directly.

Ethereum: most versatile and broad of the cryptocurrencies with many derivatives coming from its smart contracts and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Litecoin: with systems very similar to Bitcoin but more agile in many aspects and with a lower fiduciary value which makes it more feasible for micro transactions.

Before investing, the best recommendation is to thoroughly study the investment object, the breadth of its possible applications and the solidity that supports it, with this in mind, we will improve our chances of success.


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