How to buy PVU boards in Plant Vs Undead

To get started in Plant vs Undead, you must have at least 5 PVU chips. When writing, each tile costs 500 each.

PVU token is the currency used in Plant Vs Undead that can be used to buy seeds and plants from the market. It’s also the reward you can get in both game caras, making it a game to win.

For this tutorial, there are three things you need before you start buying PVU chips; it is sound;

  • MetaMask account (Click here if you still don’t know how)
  • Binance account (verified)
  • Bank account or GCash

How to start

Make sure to follow these steps without skipping.

  1. First, you need to buy USDT from Binance using GCash or your bank account (P2P) and convert it to BNB.
  2. Remove BNB from your Binance to your MetaMask account
  3. Once your BNB is in MetaMask, go to and log into your MetaMask account. After that, convert your BNB to PVU chips.
  4. last step is to go to the Plant vs Undead website and connect your MetaMask.

Like I said before, to start growing, you need at least 5 PVU chips. With the current exchange right now, you need roughly $ 100 to purchase the minimum of 5 PVU chips required.

If you think this is complicated, you may want to check out the tutorial I made for My Defi Pet. You have almost the same process, but instead of changing your BNB to DPET tokens, you will change to PVU tokens,

How to play

Now that you have your PVU tokens, you can start playing Plant vs Undead. As I said earlier, the only game cara available when writing is Farming.

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For a more detailed guide on how to play this cara, you should check out my article below:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Plant vs Undead. I am a freelance blogger and I only share what I know so far about the game. things you can find here are not final and are subject to change.

If you have any questions or clarifications about the process, you can email me directly at gamerdigiparadise (2)

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