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About three decades ago, there was the beginning of the dial-up internet, then the internet age came, and now the blockchain revolution is here with us.

Today around nine out of ten Americans use the internet, but a fascinating recent invention is blockchain, the main technology behind cryptocurrencies. Still, in its early stages, mainstream blockchain adoption could be in a few years. However, some people say that its adoption will be as revolutionary as the Internet.

Over the years, many people have wondered how Blockchain compares to the internet. refore, here is a guide that will expose their similarities, differences and the meaning of each.

What is Blockchain?

blockchain is commonly known as the backbone of Bitcoin. Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized, encrypted digital public ledger shared by many parties over a distributed network. All transactions that take place are recorded, verified and archived in the database.

A blockchain is a lie detector, while the Internet is an information machine. Also, this is because the information stored on a blockchain cannot be revoked or altered. refore, blockchain could lay the foundation for the new internet age because it has features that can bridge the gaps in the current system.

• Both are connectivity protocols

Both the Internet and the Blockchain describe connectivity protocols. Through the Internet, you can connect to any of your options to share information safely. only people who can see this information are the parties involved in the conversation and a path must be generated for the flow of information.

only difference is in the type of connection offered. By considering Blockchain, you can connect with anyone and share value. However, the exchange of importance must be observed by everyone in the network. If you don’t have the public validation protocols, the blockchain protocols would be useless. On the other hand, the Internet does not depend on who else is on the network to operate.

Online transactions are protected by SSL certificates, regular system scans, and firewalls. Consumers can also add more personalized security features to online transactions. For example, they can subscribe to identity theft protection services, develop strong passwords, and keep their antivirus software up-to-date.

Perhaps the most exciting advance in security is tokenization – a system by which a proxy identification data set can be substituted for actual payment card information. Not only does it limit the exposure of sensitive data, but it also allows for stricter identifying factors, such as a picture of your face or a fingerprint.

fact that the blockchain is decentralized offers an excellent tamper-proof line of defense. It is favored by decentralization, consensus, and encryption, which guarantee trust in all transactions. Additionally, with copies of the data accessible to all users, the overall database remains highly secure. Of course, a blockchain network is only as secure as its infrastructure. However, there are few reports of hacked user accounts.

Transparency in its broadest sense refers to the ability of a protocol to transfer data invisibly to applications using the protocol. Furthermore, transparency implies openness, communication and responsibility.

transparency of the Internet is limited only to communication with the parties. In this way, users of a particular application can access remote resources in the same way that they access their local resources.

On the other hand, Blockchain is considered a transparency machine where any user can merge the result and see all the transactions or information on the network. In cryptocurrencies, Blockchain transparency allows users to review the history of all transactions.

Blockchain means an open or public ledger. All blockchain users are assigned a public address that does not identify them in any way. As such, it is an exceptional level of transparency in the tax world.

Anonymity means that the true author of a message is not indicated. It is implemented so that it is very difficult to find the true author of a message. Anonymity is often applied on the Internet to protect people’s privacy. Internet has increased the ease of distribution of anonymous messages, although anonymity is rarely 100%.

For example, a person may decide to send an email with a spoofed name. re are also anonymity servers and pseudonym servers, which are used for good purposes.

On Blockchain, the identity of the members and their transactions must remain anonymous. However, the anonymity mechanism should not prevent transaction verification, which is important for blockchain updates. refore, as long as there is no link between your identification details and the wallet address, and your transaction remains anonymous.

A global nature means covering, relating to, or influencing the entire world. That said, Blockchain has the potential to almost alter the way all industries in the world operate. idea of ​​Blockchain Impact Worldwide stems from a concept of decentralization. In fact, the change has already begun. However, no one can accurately predict the future of this new technology, but the blockchain is expected to enable faster transactions around the world and also more secure.

Internet, as it is, is already global, allowing communication with people from anywhere in the country. It also allows users to obtain information in real time. Internet is very widespread and has revolutionized almost every sector of the economy, especially during the Covid-19 period. In today’s age of social media and the Internet, information spreads at full speed.


Both Blockchain and the Internet have striking similarities, although Blockchain has a great future. However, Blockchain will not work alone; it will work hand in hand with the Internet. refore, the blockchain is an improvisation of the Internet.

Blockchain has an infinite variety of applications, but there are still some gaps that should be corrected, for example the lack of regulations. creation of a regulatory authority will be the first step towards its traditional adoption.

In the midst of all this, we can conclude that Blockchain is creating new business carals and paving the way for new applications, lowering the cost of current services and improving the convenience of transactions.

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrency trading expert. Currently, he deals with trending topics in digital currencies.

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