Hobbs Networking (HNW) Token What is it, how to buy and price?

What is HobbsNetwork (HNW)? What is the HNW token?

In this article, we will discuss information about the HobbsNetwork project and the HNW token.

crypto space has exploded in recent years exceeding all expectations of early adopters and skeptics alike. amount of volume being traded on decentralized exchanges (DEX) has shown that the adoption of blockchain applications has really taken off in a massive way, shocking the wealthy to no avail with serious investors and the general public alike.

Unfortunately, many of these projects are money thefts, scams, and shootings, designed only to separate their users’ money. This has created a negative experience for 99% of cryptocurrency buyers. However, not everything should end in a negative crypto experience.

About us?

HNW is a team of professionals who change the landscape of the crypto space with hard work, ingenuity, and trust. Building a strong organic community by offering our clients ” Hobbs AZ” in launch services. Always making sure that our clients and investors get what they deserve: THE BEST!

We offer our investors our highly sought after $ HNW stakeholder token, a utility token that was designed to create passive income from every successful project HNW launches. HNW is truly your partner in creating generational wealth.

Our solution

We offer our investors our highly sought after $ HNW stakeholder token, a utility token that was designed to create passive income from every successful project HNW launches. HNW is truly your partner in creating generational wealth.

We offer

Anti bot measures

Smart contract consultants

Website and brand

White paper and internal back-end developers

Chat cararators, networking and recruiting experts

NFT Consultants

Strong alliances

Healthy investor community

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“Hobbs Networking helps and advises projects on how to better market and launch their token. We provide a full service offering that begins with advisory services before the token is issued, through after listing and full marketing support.



As investors, we are constantly looking for opportunities to maximize our financial returns. Finding the right solution for your investment is not always easy, as it takes a lot of thought to make the right decision. Investors constantly analyze opportunities from different angles and generally prefer to minimize risk and maximize returns.


We are a startup project incubator and Launchpad service provider. Our goal is to help startups with funding and support to launch their projects in a smooth and proven way. Our goal is to provide a credible, quality and timely service for our clients and investors.


At HNW we believe that professionals get paid! That is why we are always looking for new talent to add to our teams and help them develop by being part of one of the best teams in the industry. Joining HNW could change your career!


Our tokenomics were designed with the serious investor in mind. It is simple but incredibly amazing.

Total supply: 1,000,000

5% transaction tax on purchases, sales and transfers

Marketing – 1%

Liquidity – 1%

Project team – 1%

Stakeholders (HNW and NFT participants) – 2%

How to buy Hobbs Networking (HNW) Token?

Next, we are going to provide you with a simple tutorial so that you can easily buy Hobbs Network (HNW) Token .

Well then I leave you a tutorial on how to buy it, you can buy it through Pancakeswap or poocoin.app, we will do it from pancakeswap and in case you don’t know, we need to have a portfolio either from trustwallet or metamask, in this case I I use metamask.

Here you have a tutorial on how to create a portfolio in metamask:

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Tutorial create metamask account

Once we have our portfolio of metamask created, what we have to do is copy our address as indicated by the arrow and put it with the network of Binance Smart Chain.

To put it with the Binance SmartChain network we have to do the following:

Where it says “MAIN ETHERUM NETWORK” you give it and then you add “custom network” and you put the following:

Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/ ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

n you have to copy the Metamask address and have it on that network.

FIRST STEP TO BUY Hobbs Networking (HNW) Token

To buy HobbsNetwork (HNW) Token we are going to need BNB, which is the currency of binance, since this token works through its network. so the first thing will be to register here to enter binance and be able to buy BNB.

Next we have to go buy crypto and we have to select BNB to buy it, in this case I do it with Euros and with a debit or credit card .

Once the bnb are bought, we go to our Binance wallet and we hit SPOT and we go down until we see BNB and we hit “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.

n on the next page that will come out, we have to paste our metamask address and put the BSC network and we would already have the BNB in ​​our metamask portfolio .

SECOND STEP TO BUY Hobbs Networking (HNW) Token

first thing will be to go to pancake swap: Pancake

When we get to pancake swap we have to connect our metamask portfolio with the binance smart chain network and then put the HobbsNetwork (HNW) Token at the bottom, although it should leave you automatically, if not, paste the following contract in the Token part: 0x8173CcC721111b5a93CE7fa6fEc0fc077B58B1B7

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In the following image I show you:

Once the token is added, we simply have to put the amount of bnb that we want to exchange for Hobbs Networking (HNW) Token and voila, it would be bought and in our metamask portfolio.

PRICE Hobbs Networking (HNW) Token LIVE.

price of the token can be seen in the following link: Price



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