Hackers may have caught 120,000 bitcoins

GB In 2016, bitcoin exchange Bitfinex was hacked. 120,000 bitcoins were stolen. These bitcoins today have a value of about 1.2 billion euros. Recently, the stolen coins got moving, and that seems to have been the fall of the thieves.

Due to the public nature of the blockchain, it is possible to view all transactions that are made on the bitcoin network. This includes the transactions that the hackers made in 2016. From that moment on, the whole world kept an eye on the bitcoin addresses on which these stolen bitcoins were stored. It remained silent for three years, but at the beginning of this month there was movement. Dozens of bitcoins were sent from the hackers’ wallets to various other addresses.

Now two men appear to have been arrested in Israel. The brothers are said to have been guilty of stealing tens of millions of cryptocurrencies by using so-called phishing attacks . Phishing is a form of internet fraud in which fake e-mails are sent that try to lure people to a fake website. This website often requires you to enter login details, so that the ‘hacker’ receives your login details.

It is alleged that the recently moved bitcoins from the Bitfinex hack are also linked to the two brothers. Whether the Israeli men are actually behind the hack, or whether they are just part of a bigger picture is now under investigation.

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