Guide how to play Lost Relics, NFT game to earn money.

Next we will give you a guide to learn how to play Lost Relics, another NFT game that is in fashion, it is a Tomb Rider style game and those who like this style of games, they will love it.

Lost Relics Guide: How to Get Started

Please note that the tutorial may be different as the game is now in the early access stage and is constantly undergoing major changes.

After completing the tutorial, begin by exploring the city to familiarize yourself with the layout of the city. ( In case you get lost, reorient the map by clicking the scroll wheel and clicking the mouse button and reset the camera orientation, press ‘Tab’ or ‘M’ to activate the map, then find the walk to the meat icon on the map to go to the tavern. ) Take the time to locate your stash which is on the second floor of the tavern, this is essentially your bank with unlimited space and to trade in the royal emporium, you must have the items stored inside, plus all the items purchased inside the royal emporium will be deposited in your stash.

While in town, to start an adventure, press ‘Tab’ or ‘M’ and move your character to the Sword ️ icon on the map. Once near there, you will see a cave. Enter the cave to begin your adventure and relic hunt!

If you’re new, start with Forgotten Chambers . If you accidentally went to a dungeon that is different than what you intended, you can leave that dungeon without loss if you haven’t attacked a creature or gone beyond the entrance room. To do so, press Escape and select Quit .

Lost Relics Control S


Left or right-clicking on the ground will move the player to the location that was clicked. Left or right-clicking on a creature will move the player towards the creature, even if it is moving, resulting in a close-range attack with melee weapons or at full range with a bow. It is also possible to click and hold and continuously move the mouse to a new location, leading the player along a path. If a movement has been started with a click, press Shift to stop its movement quickly. This is useful when you want to avoid a fire trap, grate, or newly discovered creature.

Lost Relics Attacks and Power Attacks

During combat, you have the option of using THE LEFT click for a single attack or THE RIGHT BUTTON for a power attack . (See the weapon power charts for your e .)

A power attack consumes part of its energy (blue bar on the right side) and deals considerably more damage compared to a single attack. It is highly recommended to use this to complete the dungeon. Using power attacks depletes your energy to zero eventually, but each time it drops below 250, the energy will slowly regenerate to 250. It is also highly recommended to be aware of your energy levels at this point. Having 250 energy available when starting to fight will allow you to finish the fight more quickly without taking as much damage. A power attack with low or no energy is just a normal attack, and a creature or two that could be killed by a power attack will survive multiple normal attacks, dealing much more damage to you than they would otherwise.

Use Shift to control movement during fights

In addition to using shift to stop orderly movement, it can be used to keep the player rooted in their current location. This is an extremely important technique . In fact, one could learn to almost never attack without holding the turn. When initiating an attack, the mouse may not click on the ground next to the creature, especially since it may be moving or randomly start moving in an unexpected direction. In that case, the player will move to the place where the click occurred, very close to the creature, allowing it to attack first.

However, by using Shift and clicking, the player can stay in position and shoot or swing in the direction of the mouse click. Even if the ground is clicked in front of or behind a moving creature, the hit or shot will hit the creature if it is within range. This also allows a hit to start early, trapping a creature at max range with one hit and allowing the player much more time to dodge an incoming attack, or hit again for a second hit. If he only attacks with a click, the player gets much closer to the creature before initiating the attack. Some creatures have fast attacks that can hit the player first at this close range before the player can hit the creature. refore, by using shift, the player can avoid damage that they would otherwise receive.

Lost Relics Screen rotation

screen can be rotated. This allows the player to see ahead on a path or in a room. Using this technique, it is possible to see creatures before they see the player. This is very useful for attacking creatures at maximum range with the bow, and for knowing how dangerous the room is before running in. Some creatures should definitely die before others, so knowing what you’re up against is half the battle.

Lost Relics Control Mapping

It is recommended that you customize your controls according to your needs. For example, screen rotation can be assigned to the mouse wheel and / or the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys. weapon change could be assigned to an additional mouse button or to ‘W’, for example. Perhaps the space bar is easier to use than the Shift key. This will make it easier for you to use the above control techniques.


Occasionally the player will come across a room with a large rock blocking the path to a chest. To pass the rock, the player must repeatedly attack it with the equipped sword, this can also be achieved faster with the use of bombs. As of a recent update, this room will also spawn attackers after so many rock attacks. A Rier will spawn first, then a Wrune, and third a much more dangerous Ogum. However, because it is based on the number of hits, if the player saves energy before each attack and performs only, or mainly, power attacks, the rock will be destroyed with fewer hits. In that case, the third spawn (Ogum) can be completely avoided. But it’s a lot quicker to use a bomb on the rock anyway, and it’s probably worth buying from the Emporium.

re are also rooms with stairs leading to the lava. It should be obvious that lava burns and, like fire, also damages over time. Don’t walk into the lava. When running down the road, it is surprisingly easy to accidentally run into lava. Death follows quickly. You may be able to survive by setting foot on it and backing off, if your health is high to begin with.


re are unsurts in adventures that can be broken . se will be highlighted when you mouse over them. Attack them to break them. Sometimes they can contain gold or objects. Hit them all or you might miss out on that rare relic! Pets have great use! y run and smash all the breakable items for you.

Leaving the Adventure

Survive to the end and you should find an exit portal. (This portal may not exist in some dungeons until you have killed the Guardian .) If you die before this point, you will lose all experience types obtained in the adventure up to that point, and any gold, resources or items you have found, along with your virtual items such as green weapons, relics, food, and potions. Blockchain items will not be lost and will return to their hiding place, if you possessed them before starting the adventure. If it was found in the adventure, it will be lost. One way to avoid some of this loss is to purchase a Teleportation Scroll and use it if you are near death. new items you found and the experience gained during that mission will be lost, but all the virtual items you owned will be preserved, unlike when you die.

You may have found a relic or weapon (rarely), or at least some resources and gold. You can sell these resources at the Royal Emporium to other players for gold.

You can do these missions repeatedly until you have earned enough gold coins to buy virtual weapons and a relic from the general store and trade with other players within the royal emporium to get the materials to craft or just buy tools and food. Food is often cheaper to buy than to make with resources, because many players are buying the resources to improve their culinary skills. This actually reduces the supply and increases the prices of resources while increasing the supply and decreasing the price of food. So sell the resource and buy the food, to maximize your gold earnings right from the start.

You will be limited to only being able to remove a blockchain item from any dungeon unless you are a member. Membership Pendants can be purchased on the in-game website or in other players’ game with the gold you earn from the adventures!

Once you have obtained some gold, you have the option of making your own bread . This can be achieved by visiting the general store and buying some jugs once you have them, head to the well located near the tavern to fill them. n head to the alchemy table in the city and search the area where you will find some free flour, take whatever you need. last step is cooking, make sure you have half of your inventory filled with jugs of water and the other half with flour and head over to the fire icon next to the royal emporium, here you can cook your own bread. During the baking process, there is a random chance that the bread will burn. When this happens, you will lose a pitcher. Alternatively, if you have enough gold, you can buy bread from the royal emporium or look for foods with more healing potential, for example the harnvas hopper .

Once you are comfortable with the combat mechanics and wish to move on to a more difficult dungeon Arcane Pits or Wood ‘s Ash would be the next recommended option. first time through Arcane Pits and Ash Woods may be easier than others, due to the random nature of room generation and monster population. So until you become familiar with how bad an ambush can be by a certain collection of creatures, it would be advisable to start the dungeon for the first time using the common weapons, as it would be a huge setback if you use the virtual items purchased from the general store was going to be lost. Food or potions for health would also be recommended.

As of patch 171, players can no longer use chat until the mission is completed to unlock rewards. To remedy this, once you reach level 5 head to the tavern and take the quest of the gray haired man sitting at the table, this will only be unlocked if you have completed the previous quests. Some of the necessary items can be purchased from the royal emporium in exchange for gold, but some tasks will involve heading to Ash Woods for resource gathering, you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary tools. minimum recommended equipment for this map would be the rare bow and ring that can be purchased from the general store in town. It is strongly recommended that for the first time you enter this dungeon, you enter with common items only as you will need to become familiar with the mechanics of poison and it would be a setback for a player to lose their rare virtual items, another alternative would be You should purchase anti- potions. emporium poison before entering as they will nullify any poison effects for 50 seconds per dose, expect to use at least 4-5 the first time you enter. Once the mission is complete , you will be granted access to the chat.

TIPS: You can use the Shift key to hold the position or stop the movement of the character. This is useful in combat situations or to avoid accidentally entering places you don’t want to go. You can also use the Shift key while standing at the doors as a strategy to channel monsters towards your front to attack.

Lost Relics Type of adventures

re are currently 8 different adventure stages.

4 of them are Dungeon-type adventures ( Forgotten Chambers , Arcane Wells , Olkepth Caverns , Mount Olkepth )

In Dungeon-type adventures, you must carry a pickaxe with you to extract resources.

3 of them are forest type adventures ( Ash Woods , Trayl Woods , Shallow Swamps )

In forest-type adventures, you need to carry an ax (hatchet), gloves, and a net / fishing pole . (No ax required for shallow swamps)

One of them a desert type adventure, known as Odenspire Sands .

Each adventure has a difficulty rating and a maximum rarity of equipment that you can bring.

For example, to enter Mount Olkepth, you can take gear up to Transcendent and the difficulty rate is 5.

For Running Forgotten Chambers you can carry up to Uncommon Equipment and the difficulty rate is 1.

Lost Relics Equipment

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Character gear consists of two weapon slots, a pet slot, a tool slot, and four relic item slots, some of which will be locked until you reach a certain level in champion rewards. Its inventory has 16 slots and can be used to carry additional consumables and tools on adventures or virtual / blockchain adventure items. Remember that you need an active power pendant to get more than one blockchain item out of an adventure. BLOCKCHAIN ​​ITEMS TAKEN ON AN ADVENTURE DO NOT COUNT IN THIS RULE AND CANNOT BE DROPPED WITHIN THE ADVENTURE. four item slots are used for items that have an effect, and the player cannot enter an adventure if they carry an item that has an effect in their inventory. NO MORE THAN ONE OF EACH EFFECT ELEMENT MAY BE EQUIPPED AT ANY TIME. , but there is no such limit for consumables carried in player inventory.

Combat level and life skill level

Your combat level is displayed at the top of the screen.

Your life skills levels are displayed when you move the mouse on the EXP bar or press the cookbook


Starter Tools can be crafted from Blacksmith or you can purchase them or the components from the Royal Emporium.


Common tools can be equipped starting at skill level 1

Rare tools can be equipped starting at skill level 10

Rare tools can be equipped starting at skill level 25

Legendary tools can be equipped starting at skill level 40

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It is recommended to buy your common tools from the emporium when you start playing. Try to make an offer to buy 100 gold per tool. Remember to claim the list and head to their tavern hideout to equip them before your next adventure. Tools are lost when you die.


items virtual are items that can be traded in the real emporium. se items can be purchased for in-game gold and are in limited or unlimited supply. Most of the resources collected from the Skills Collection are virtual, but not all. Any virtual objects on your body will be lost when you die (including virtual pets).

Elements blockchain (BC unsurts) are connected to ethereum Blockchain unsurts. se items can be collected from high-level enemies, chests, and resource nodes or they can be awarded to the player in various ways. y can be weapons, relics, pets, special resources, or potions. y can also be traded between players privately or on open markets such as Enjinx or Opensea. Most of the blockchain items are really limited (some pets are unlimited), and all players are looking for the most powerful weapons and relics. Blockchain items taken on an adventure cannot be lost by dying in the game, and all blockchain items belonging to the player prior to the start of a race in which the player died will be teleported back to the player’s hideout. This also includes the mascot, as they are unsurts of the blockchain. One notable exception is that virtual pets are not lost upon death.


Note: You need an update without an event running as some locations have changed.

  • Sword Icon = entrance to each adventure
  • Skull Icon = Graveyard
  • Ham icon = Tavern
  • Bag icon = Emporium
  • Anvil Icon = Blacksmith
  • Potion Icon = Alchemist
  • Store icon = Merchant
  • Creepy Coin Icon = Creepy Trader ( Halloween Event )


Members will be able to check out more than one item from the blockchain, among other perks, including free gifts for each level, a daily giveaway gargoyle, a colored in-game username, the ability to display their title, and more. To purchase a membership pendant, you can purchase from the Lost Relics website using AUSD, USD, ETH, ENJ, or buy in-game from other players.

Tier reward chests require a pendant to open, but cannot be lost if you don’t open them.


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