Guardian Link Announces Partnership with BeyondLife.Club

Influential Indian actor, producer and TV host Amitabh Bachchan is set to launch his first NFT series with BeyondLife.Club, powered by Link Guardian.

blockchain research and development company will partner with the brand’s exclusive platform. BeyondLife.Club, owned by Rhiti Entertainment, Singapore, to make the purchase of NFT artwork from the Amitabh legacy a reality for any individual.

Bringing NFT Art Worldwide

This sphere creates a platform for global artists, athletes and celebrities to launch their first NFTs, an exclusive curated collection presented on a global scale. NFTs store information in a digital ledger (blockchain network) by guaranteeing a certificate of authenticity to a digital asset, they can be uniquely identified and are traceable through the blockchain network that offers proof of ownership to its collectors.

NFT’s sales volume is experiencing tremendous growth in the market, with $ 2.5 billion in sales recorded in the first half of 2021. Guardian’s large team of researchers believe this is the perfect time to enter the NFT space, as many celebrities and influencers present new and exciting projects.

Arun Pandey, MD and President of Rhiti Group said the biggest motivation behind this effort is to empower artists, celebrities and athletes globally while helping die-hard fans get their hands on the purest form of content.

Link Guardian is a unique project and has three core aspects that are key to making NFTs mainstream. se three main fundamentals are its NFT No-Code launch and marketplace, Anti.Rip technology, and a solution called Wallet Cipher.

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Launchpad No-Code NFT and Market Creation

No-Code NFT Launchpad allows creators to mint and sell their own NFTs in three minutes via their select launch pads. BeyondLife.Club would be the first to speed this up. At Guardian Link, royalties remain intact even with cross-blockchain and cross-marketplace. Guardian Link also enables the creation of NFT markets, where NFTs can be traded flexibly. It is considered similar to OpenSea or Rarible.

Anti.Rip Technology

AI SPYDER Anti-Rip technology allows you to monitor NFT on the web for duplicates, cheats, and knockoffs that can damage authenticity and affect the auction. Anti.Rip AI technology is capable of extracting NFT DNA from their respective decentralized file systems, including Pixel, Quantization, Geometric, Fourier Transform, Filtering, and Segmentation. Guardian Link tracks all NFTs and shares information in the unlikely event a duplication is discovered with its constant surveillance. It also verifies that the NFTs are genuine, offered to buyers.

wallet encryption

Guardian Link wallet encryption watches the wallet addresses of the creator and collector to ensure there is no manipulation in the price of the NFTs. Detailed real-time monitoring is also carried out through blockchains to arrive at a trust score that will be defined for your wallets. This ensures the legitimacy of the entire NFT business ecosystem.

Founders and teams

In the front row, Keyur Patel, Guardian Link Co-Founder and President, Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder and CEO, leading the project to democratize NFT commerce with incredible technology partnerships and insights on future trends. Arjun Reddy (co-founder and chief technology officer), the mastermind behind many blockchain products and has this intuitive vision of bringing dlt to real use cases, Kamesh Elangovan (co-founder and chief operating officer), a cryptocurrency expert who has done over 50 token launches. This blockchain-based entity aims to protect NFTs using its Anti-Rip AI engine and also to secure royalties for creators in various markets and blockchains.

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Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder and CEO of Guardian Link stated that:

“Our entire team is delighted to see our research efforts culminate in creating this moment. NFTs will soon rule all aspects of Fintech and Guardian Link will serve the NFT ecosystem from all angles «

Link Guardian is a face of intense working methodologies, tech savvy on the table and a team of 350 crypto avengers that has been developing since 2016. His research and development belongs to the field of blockchain technology and his business on a global scale. Guardian Link’s foundation in blockchain technology is here to analyze and correct current and future issues in the NFT and cryptocurrency space. entity provides key solutions for stakeholders and supports travel, to be more aware and technically equipped.

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