Golden Doge Coin (GDOGE) Token. What is it and how to buy?

In this article we will talk about Golden Doge (GDOGE) token, another shitcoin from Binance’s BSC network that already has a large community before its pre-sale. Here at we are going to explain to you how to buy it in your pre-sale, how to buy it later and we will also give you the information about the Token on its website translated into Spanish.

Doge family is getting richer and richer every day and finally, they gave birth to Golden Doge!

Golden Doge studied how to benefit all its investors and discovered a golden vault! He wants everyone to earn BNB every day by sharing his vault of gold together.

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xA53E61578fF54f1ad70186Be99332a6e20b6ffa9

Why buy and hold Golden Doge GDOGE Token?

Golden Doge has its own golden vault that is filled with 5% of all transactions made by GDOGE lovers.

Each GDOGE holder will be able to withdraw BNB from this golden vault every 24 hours as much GDOGE token as they have.

Did you sell all your GDOGEs by mistake? No problem. Buy again and you can get your BNB reward exactly after 24 hours!

We also Airdrop 100 million GDOGE tokens to everyone who joins our GDOGE army.

We can grow and build the Golden Doge Empire together!

GoldenDoge (GDOGE) Token distribution and information.

Total supply 100,000,000,000,000,000

5% airdrop for everyone in the GODGE community (locked at

95% for pre-sale and liquidity

Locked liquidity All liquidity is locked in for one year, providing security to all GDOGE investors.

Transaction fee

Distribution of 5% of BNB to holders

3% for marketing

2% for developers

Goden Doge (GDOGE) Token RoadMap

July 2021 July 2021 PHASE 1

Marketing boost to spread awareness

Website launch

Audit code

10,000 members of

Meme contest

Airdrop n. 1

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Q3 2021 PHASE 2

Influence Marketing Boost

Dogo Dorado Exchange

Listed on CoinGecko

Listed on CoinMarketCap

50,000 members of

50,000 headlines

AirDrop No. 2

Q3 2021 PHASE 3

Influence Marketing Boost

Listed in Major CEX

Golden Doge Store

80,000 headlines

80,000 members of

Airdrop n. 3

Q4 2021 Q4 2021 PHASE 4

Tesla Giveaway to Promote Golden Doge at 100M Marketcap

Golden bulldog everywhere

Celebrity marketing

100,000 headlines

AirDrop No. 4

Q1 2022 Q1 2022 PHASE 5

Build a cryptocurrency museum in Singapore at 1B Marketcap

5 kg 24 carat gold statue of Golden Doge present in the museum

500,000 headlines


GDOGE Swap is our decentralized exchange platform that helps people easily exchange any BEP20 token for GDOGE token.

It’s backed by PancakeSwap, the world’s largest BEP20 DEX platform. more and more GDOGE token you have, the more profit you will get!

How to claim my BNB?

Go to the Claim page and simply connect your wallet to our website, then click the “Claim my BNB” button.

Please note that you must have a small amount of BNB in ​​your wallet that will be used to cover transfer fees.

Airdrop $ GDOGE Token

We have good news for you. We released 100 million GDOGE to all who request it in the form.

Here’s even better news. If you have any of the Doge family tokens, you will get up to 1 billion GDOGE.

Simply submit the form with your wallet address, and voila! So easy!

Our automation script will check all the wallets and take the balances of the Doge family tokens.

You will get additional GDOGE based on the number of the following Doge family tokens you currently have.

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GDOGE Token Presale:

Presale at Unicrypt July 19, 9 a.m. M. EST | 13:00 UTC Go to Presale ( Maximum: 8 BNB Softcap 500 BNB | Hardcover 2000 BNB 2 rounds – Round 1 (2 hours): Only for UNCL and UNCX token holders. – Round 2 (2 hours) – open to everyone. Pre-sale price: 30,677,500,000,000 GDOGE / per BNB List price: 27,609,750,000,000 GDOGE / per BNB

How and where to buy Golden Doge (GDOGE) token?

Next we are going to provide you with a simple tutorial so that you can easily buy Golden Doge (GDOGE) token .

Well then I leave you a tutorial on how to buy it, you can buy it through Pancakeswap or, we will do it from pancakeswap and in case you don’t know, we need to have a portfolio either from trustwallet or metamask, in this case I I use metamask.

Here you have a tutorial on how to create a portfolio in metamask:

Once we have our metamask portfolio created, what we have to do is copy our address as indicated with the arrow and put it with the Binance Smart Chain network.

FIRST STEP TO BUY Golden Doge (GDOGE) token

To buy Golden Doge (GDOGE) token we are going to need BNB, which is the currency of binance, since this token works through its network. so the first thing will be to register here to enter binance and be able to buy BNB.

Next we have to go buy crypto and we have to select BNB to buy it, in this case I do it with Euros and with a debit or credit card.

Once the bnb are bought, we go to our Binance wallet and we hit SPOT and we go down until we see BNB and we hit “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.

n on the next page that will come out, we have to paste our metamask address and put the BSC network and we would already have the BNB in ​​our metamask portfolio.

SECOND STEP TO BUY Golden Doge (GDOGE) token

first thing will be to go to pancake swap: Pancake

When we get to pancake swap we have to connect our metamask portfolio with the binance smart chain network and then put the Golden Doge (GDOGE) token at the bottom, although it should automatically exit, if not, paste the following contract on Token part: 0xA53E61578fF54f1ad70186Be99332a6e20b6ffa9

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In the following image I show you:

Once the token is added, we simply have to put the amount of bnb that we want to exchange for Golden Doge (GDOGE) token and voila, it would be bought and in our metamask portfolio.

PRICE Golden Doge (GDOGE) token LIVE.

price of the token can be seen in the following link: Price



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