Getting started with QuickSwap

How much investment do I need in advance to start Yield Farming?

Yield farming on Ethereum with $ 100-1,000 in crypto is almost certain to result in a net loss, due to high gas fees, especially during peak periods of activity. This problem is avoided on Matic Network as each transaction costs a fraction of a penny. You can start with any amount. It may be best to start small unless you are an experienced liquidity provider.

How do I move tokens between Ethereum and Matic Network?


First, if you are transferring MATIC, use the plasma bridge. If you are transferring ERC20 or ETH, use the PoS bridge.

Step 1: Configure a custom RPC for MATIC in MetaMask, as explained here .

Step 2: Connect MetaMask to MATIC Web Wallet, found here .

Step 3: Make sure MetaMask is set to Matic Mainnet. Click> Matic

Purse & gt; Deposit and deposit any token running on the Ethereum network on the Matic network.

Step 4: Now you are ready to start exploring Layer 2 and using QuickSwap.

NOTE: Before transferring any ERC20 to Layer 2, you must confirm that the token you are sending has been assigned to the Matic network.

Why don’t I see a list of currencies in the pop-up on the home page (exchange)?

When you first arrive at QuickSwap, or after a two-week period has expired and the QUICK groups have been changed , you may need to click where it says “Add List” at the bottom of the “Select Token” pop-up window. »On the exchange page . (the QuickSwap home page).

How can I grow QUICK in QuickSwap?

On the FAST page of the site, you will find the current groups listed that reward FAST liquidity providers and the daily amounts allocated to each group. FAST you receive is directly proportional to the percentage of the fund that occupies your liquidity and is calculated in each block; approximately every 2 seconds.


  1. Provide liquidity to the pool of your choice on the site of the pool .
  2. Receive LP Tokens (also called “Pool Tokens”) in exchange for your deposit (think of it as a kind of receipt, ie a redeemable deposit slip).
  3. Deposit your LP tokens in the corresponding pool on the QUICK groups page .
  4. After you have confirmed all the transactions in MetaMask, which it will automatically ask you to do, that’s it! You are now cultivating FAST!
  5. You can withdraw your liquidity at any time. If you want to delete your tokens or transfer your liquidity to a different pool, just follow these same steps in reverse order.

How much do I get in commissions for providing liquidity on QuickSwap?

0.3% is the fee for exchanges made on QuickSwap. se fees are then paid to the liquidity providers according to their percentage of the pool.

For which transaction is a fee charged?

A commission of 0.3% is charged for swaps. This 0.3% is divided among the liquidity providers according to their percentage of that group.

How can I add a new token or pair?

Anyone can create a liquidity pool in QuickSwap. It is an MMA without permission.

However, if your token / coin has not yet been assigned to Matic, you will need to request it here .

You can find a list of mapped tokens here .

To add a token that has been assigned to Matic to the official QuickSwap list, you will need to ask our developer @Sameep to do so. Please leave your request in the telegram group .

Or you can create your own new list and share it if you want. If you create a fake or malicious token, your address will be reported.

Go here and click on » Create a Pair «:

Enter the token address of your currency.

Bada boom bada bing! It is almost automagic!

Why is [so and so] token not showing up in my MATIC wallet?

Currently, Matic Web Wallet shows a maximum of four tokens at a time. If there is a particular token that you want to see, you may need to remove one and add another.

Other third-party portfolios are being developed.

Why is my QUICK tokens not claimed when I click the “Claim” button?

At the top right there is a blue button that says “FAST”. This opens a pop-up window showing your FAST total before claiming. It has a hyperlink in the lower right corner that says “Claim”. This button is not for claiming your QUICK tokens, but it takes you to the QUICK page where you can do so by clicking > Manage> Claim> Claim> Confirm . Or alternatively, you can withdraw your LP tokens from the pool and your QUICK will be automatically claimed.

How can I claim my QUICK?

re are two ways to do this. When you withdraw your LP tokens, your QUICK is automatically claimed. second option is to go to the QUICK page and click > Manage> Claim> Claim> Confirm (in MetaMAsk).

Can I grow QUICK with QUICK?

Absolutely. Please do it.

What is the contract address for QUICK?


You can find it in the Matic Explorer here .

What are slide settings for and how can I adjust them?

slip setting is for when you run an exchange, in QuickSwap it is called a token / coin ‘exchange’. Slippage occurs when the price is affected by buying a large quantity at a time, at market price, when there is not enough liquidity to avoid a significant impact on the price.

You can adjust your slip tolerance by clicking the gear in the upper right corner, then select what degree of slip you are comfortable with. With larger purchases, be sure to check that the settings are where you want them. If any slippage is calculated to go beyond the selected setting, the transaction will be completely reversed.

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