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A look at what’s on the board for today

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A couple of great things to keep in mind, as highlighted in Audaz .

In particular, those in focus will be on EUR / USD and USD / JPY with other currency pairs not looking very close to the current spot price entering the US employment report.

re are layers of EUR / USD expirations from 1.1820 to 1.1915 that could add some rigidity to price action even though the pair is flirting with a drop below the June 18 low to 1,1847. for the moment.

Meanwhile, USD / JPY is testing late March 2020 highs at 111.50-71 with large maturities also seen in this region and also bearish at 111.00 today.

That being said, the post reaction to nonfarm payrolls is also a key factor to consider as this could cause sentiment to prevail over the rest of the market.

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