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Polker.game is a play-by-ear-style poker game created with the Unreal Engine, which focuses on rewarding NFTs for advancing their economy.

Origins: 2008-2009

World Series of Poker takes place at the Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Justin Phillips achieves a royal flush, Erick Lindgren is Player of the Year and Peter Eastgate wins the tournament.

same month, IndyMac bank goes bankrupt, Fannie and Freddie are nationalized by the US government, and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers triggers global panic just a month later.

In conclusion, Akon releases his third studio album “Freedom” in December. A fitting idea for the looming decentralization freedom.

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper, attracting the interest of financiers and cryptographers alike. Thought as a supposed response to the global recession caused by fraudulent investments and dirty money.

Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker have $ 50 million in payments seized when the United States Attorney’s Office in southern New York indicted payment processors.


Fast forward to 2021; cryptocurrency is flourishing as a new wave of investors joins the scene. Hundreds of tokens and coins hit the market, some flashing on the tray before hitting bottom, and others providing usefulness for people to solve problems in both the real and virtual world.

Online poker is becoming a mainstay in people’s minds as the Covid-19 pandemic has kept so many people at home, people have turned to electronic games for entertainment, regulated or not.

Akon: philanthropist, singer, producer, songwriter

Recently, through a seemingly innocent listen to Akon’s “Smack-That” with Eminem, it occurred to me that singer Konvict was building his own city, aptly named “Akon-City” within the Republic of Senegal.

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Using the idea of ​​a “smart city”, Akon plans many improvements in the quality of life of the surrounding residents and future migrants in the city.

With successes from projects like African Solar Power and its cryptocurrency launch, Akoin, the city is a bold but important target.

One of the main development districts of the city of Akon is an entertainment district, focused on making profit through tourism, similar to Dubai, whose GDP and total employment in the industry account for 5%.

However, in stark contrast, gambling and casinos will be allowed and are said to be financed primarily with cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on Akoin.

However, recent mentions of a Play-to-Earn game, Polker.game, a crypto-startup, may be very different from what was initially anticipated.

Check out Akon’s video here.

Who is Polker.game?

Revolutionary in practice, Game of Polker is not only the first poker game to be played by ear, but also its introduction.

Most online poker games are carast in appearance, have a solid feature, a good randomizer, and if you’re lucky, a good payout system.

y rarely have graphics great enough to spend money on improving, but Polker.game does just that.

With an interesting stylized version of a video game in the graphics, the game looks surprisingly fresh. From the games and tech demos that have been featured in its streams and trailers, it features a fully customizable interface and playmat.

Dealers, tables, funds, card backs, and even table chips can be customized with skins. monetization caral is similar to that of the average free games, and it sells these cosmetics at a premium price.

interesting part, however, is how they are structured to play to win.

What is the game to win?

In the past, gambling for money has been a gray area in the video game industry.

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RuneScape and World of Warcraft are the ancestors of the markets, they sell in-game gold for real dollars to save players time.

With the cararnization of the space and the introduction of cryptocurrency, this gray space has not only become an allowed practice, but games are promoting this caral in the game itself.

With giants like Axie forcing people to quit their jobs to make money from crypto, Polker.game plans to use this somewhat esoteric caral to gain support for its NFT market and bring crypto enthusiasts to the table, poker and gamers. usually.

In a field of my own

Interestingly, the Polker.game caral does not support gambling. In-Ear Game Model completely overcomes this, using a Gacha system with timed resources to gain out-of-game value or cosmetic in-game upgrades.

game of poker itself is with “Chips,” which are an abstract asset that conforms to the play-to-win caral. You get a small amount per day, which builds up with subsequent logins, leveling up, and a Battle Pass-like system.

You use the tokens to play hands and do missions, which unlock tickets. Tickets are used for tournaments where the winner takes all the style.

tickets themselves are where the value comes in, allowing you to unlock NFT. Polker.game’s first NFT auction was at 3.3 ETH, which at the time was 10K, setting the value proposition for the caral.

Final thoughts

Be that as it may, the world of cryptocurrencies is absolutely wild right now.

Established names like Musk and Akon bring the accusation squarely in the public eye.

By ear users like Axie and Gods Unchained are leading the way for games like Polker.game to innovate traditional games.

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Cryptocurrency in general respects DeFi’s vision, supporting every man’s step to control his financial future.

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