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A look at what’s on the board for today

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A couple of great things to take note of today, as highlighted in Bold .

In particular, the big one for AUD / USD stands out at 0.7500, offering some upside for the pair considering dollar resistance and recent negative developments regarding the Aussie virus situation.

Regarding the latter, just be careful that the Aussie may be open to further breaking out of its recent range (this week between 0.7430 and 0.7500) once the time frames pull away and as we look to the next week.

Against the background of the recent scenario, the kiwi seems more optimistic considering the economic and political divergence between Australia and New Zealand. As such, more pressure on the AUD / NZD could put more pressure on the Aussie in the future.

As for the other timeframes today, there are greats amongst the current EUR / USD spot price that will likely keep the price action more anchored once again.

Meanwhile, USD / JPY is holding a pair of highs at 110.00-10, although confidence in Treasury yields is still likely the key driver for the pair at the moment.

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