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Today marks the beginning of the Neon District Portal launch roadmap for web and mobile devices. We have rolled out a completely new website for the Neon District Portal, laying the foundation for a comprehensive web and mobile gaming experience that will roll out quickly over the next few months.

From today:

  • Neon District is fully live on Matic’s Ethereum layer two blockchain
  • Neon District does not require any knowledge of blockchain, or cryptocurrencies, to create an account and prepare for a full free play experience to win.
  • For the first time ever, the fully animated character team is live – you can grab your loot and equip any of your characters, watch their stats change, and start preparing your characters for the combat that is coming shortly.
  • Characters, armor, and weapons can be transferred directly to and from the Ethereum mainnet via our custom Transfer Gateway, allowing you to bring your rarer assets to Ethereum, save them in your own wallet, or place them on third-party markets such as OpenSea.
  • You can buy loot boxes and start collecting rare resources, equipping them for characters, and leveling them up.
  • full leveling experience is now live on the Portal, so players can level up their characters, armor, and weapons to level 5 before combat.

What are the upcoming features and expected delivery dates?

Coming mid-October – Create and trade your fully equipped characters across multiple networks.

Now that the Neon District Portal is fully up-to-date and up-to-date, we begin our multi-stage project launch roadmap. At least once a week, we will update the Neon District portal with all the latest full features and fixes, leading to the official launch of Player V Player Combat.

Because we are going to react to player feedback, we will also change priorities accordingly – some planned features may arrive earlier or may be delayed, some new features may be added as we wish. more feedback you give us, the better our roadmap will reflect the community and our overall goals for a great gaming experience.

If you want to suggest features, comment or vote on the priority of existing features, or report bugs, please visit our Nolt: https://neon-district.nolt.io/

Between September 30 and October 31:

  • Cleanup, bug fixes, and finishing touches from Character Equipment’s initial release
  • Add COIN as a payment method for NEON
  • Trade a character and the entire team as a single blockchain token, allowing characters + armor + weapon to be transferred to Ethereum and using OpenSea as a complete set.
  • Viewing inventories and profiles of other players
  • Exchange characters, weapons and armor with other players.
  • Show season zero and previous assets in inventory: projectiles, trophies and keys
  • Filter in-game items on the inventory and gear screens by level, rarity, and type
  • Add pagination to inventory and equipment screens

Between November 1 and November 30:

  • Early versions of PvP combat for trophy and key holders to experience
  • Early versions of the leaderboard, competitions, and full combat layout.
  • Check out direct PvP gameplay – challenge your friends and foes to battle

Between December 1 and 15:

  • Final PvP Combat Builds for Public Launch
  • Released a major milestone: PvP matches and leaderboards, first PvP competitions begin
  • first Neon District tournament starts over the holidays!

Beyond December 15

  • Discovering the full spirit of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn: Missions
  • PvE missions, single player with loot, NEON, juice and parts are the next main feature, bringing the adventure cara and story to the Neon district.
  • first compilations will arrive between January and February

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