European Commission wants hibernation for Bitcoin miners

The European Union wants to pull out all the stops to become independent of Russian gas. Digitizing the energy system should help with this, the European Commission announced in a communication. It advises member states of the European Union to tackle Bitcoin miners this winter.

The European Commission notes that the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies has increased enormously in recent years. Bitcoin’s Proof of Work mechanism has been singled out as the main culprit and called ??????relatively outdated??????? by the Commission.

The Commission’s advice is therefore that the Member States should take measures this coming winter to reduce the electricity consumption of miners. If there is a need to switch off to relieve the load on the electricity grids, countries should even be able to stop mining Bitcoin altogether.

At the moment, Europe accounts for 10% of global Bitcoin mining. Nevertheless, the European Commission sees this as substantial enough to put the brakes on in the winter months. However, it is not clear how the member states should enforce this.

In 2025, the Commission wants to present a more detailed report (classification system) on the environmental and climate effects of mining. However, little is known about this at the moment.

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