EtherWaifu Game Guide. What is it and how to buy?

In this article we will talk about EtherWaifu Game, an NFT game that works on the ETH network and with Ethereums, we will give you all the information about this game and we will also explain how to buy on its website.

What is EtherWaifu?

Etherwaifu is a game where you collect creible works of art. Each artwork has thousands of unique variations, and you can create a new one by combining features from other artwork you own.

See the magic for yourself! there are many styles.

EtherWaifu crafting

Click on the “?” card below several times to see the result of combining 2 artworks. Note that they are both the same Mio character, so the result will also be Mio. One is smiling and the other is angry, so the result will be one of those.

Etherwaifu Trading:

Your ownership of a particular work of art is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so it cannot be copied or destroyed. Not all traits are created equal and you can sell rare works of art on the market.

Original Characters® ™

pretty girls are original characters by renowned Indonesian artist Jubi. first batch features Lika, Hana, Momo, and Mio, but we will release new batches with more characters in the future!


Buy artwork right now before the crafting launch! re are only 1,000 works of art available for purchase, and the proceeds will go to the artist and used to enhance development, such as a third-party security audit. You can sell your artwork directly on the market.

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Etherwaifu Official Marketplace

You can sell your NFT art on our official marketplace, where a small percentage will go to the artist and fund further development. Go to our Discord #trading channel to find buyers.

You can also find some in OpenSea here (need unwrapping to create in the future, so it will require more gas). Be aware that other OpenSea collections are scams.

How to buy from EtherWaifu?

To buy we will need Ethereum and a Metamask Wallet, so the first thing will be to create a metamask account, here is a tutorial.

  • Create Account in Metamask.

Once with our Metamask Wallet, we have to buy Ethereum and transfer it to metamask, I leave you a tutorial of a token of that network, so that you can see how Ethereum is bought in metamask.

  • Revv Tutorial

Once with our Ethereum in Metamask, we go to “MINT” and connect the metamask account with the EtherWaifu website and buy.



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