Ethereum Game Axie Infinity Daily users grow 10 times from June to 1 million


  • Axie Infinity, a sprawling Ethereum-based video game, has surpassed one million daily active users, according to new data from developer Sky Mavis.
  • However, not all users who load the application may have the Axie NFT monsters required to play the game.

Ethereum based on a monster fighting game Axie Infinity recently rose to the limelight with sky-high NFT transaction volume and new all-time highs for its native government token AXS, and now there’s another great benchmark to add to the pile: more one million daily active users (DAU).

Developer Sky Mavis announced the news today, providing figures showing more than 1.02 million active users of Axie Infinity applications during the last day. More than two-thirds of users are on Android, and almost everything else is on Windows PC. Much smaller player bases are found on macOS and iOS, and the latest version is currently only available to testers.

re’s a notable caveat to these DAU figures though: while Axie Infinity is free to download, you can’t just jump in and start playing. game requires a team of three Axie monsters, sold in NFT form. se tokens effectively act as a deed of ownership to a digital object, in this case a creature from an interactive video game. y aren’t cheap – each NFT starts at around $ 200-300 on the market, with higher value Axies trading for thousands of dollars on Ethereum.

However, there are third-party “scholarship” options available, such as through the startup Yield Guild Games, where Axie owners lend their excess NFTs to players through a profit-sharing caral. Some players, especially in developing countries, can make a living playing and selling battle-earned SLP tokens. This week, cryptocurrency exchange FTX announced that it would be sponsoring 137 other Axie scholars through the Yield Guild Games program.

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Sky Mavis has not shared up-to-date data on how many users own Axies compared to how many users are downloading and opening the app. However, as of Monday, August 2, the developer reported has over 910,000 daily active users with just over 836,000 wallets containing Axie NFT. Cryptocurrency analytics company CryptoSlam currently reports that more than 914,000 total wallets contain Axie’s NFTs. In other words, there is still a solid margin of people downloading and opening the game, but not yet equipped to play it.

Still, Axie Infinity has seen a huge increase in players in recent months. On June 8, Sky Mavis reported having just over 108,000 daily active users, and that number has more than tripled to more than 350,000 users as of July 5. That number has nearly tripled again in the past month to surpass 1 million today. Earlier this year, Axie sent a Ronin sidechain to minimize Ethereum tax and congestion and began migrating users’ NFT assets to Ronin in late April, just before the current boom started.

Thank you for your patience as we go through exponential growth!

Our engineers are completely focused on updating our servers!

This moment will be written down in the history books, it is a sign of how much people want to be a part of this amazing movement.

We love you!

– Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) July 14, 2021

However, the rapid expansion did not happen without a headache. Axie Infinity struggled under the weight of increasing user demand, with the game not always performing properly in recent weeks. Additionally, Sky Mavis has reported issues due to DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, with server hosting issues.

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growing number of Axie Infinity is staggering with the official gaming market reporting over $ 1 billion in NFT transaction volume in the last 30 days. CryptoSlam reports different figures, however it shows $ 740 million in NFT sales over the past 30 days, with the all-time figure now topping $ 1 billion. variance could be partly due to considering the value of ETH when each purchase was made, rather than calculating everything from today’s current value. Ethereum price is up 26% in the last 30 days.

Meanwhile, the value of the game AXS token has risen from a price of just $ 0.59 on January 1 to an all-time high above $ 52 at the end of July, an increase of more than 8.700%. At the moment, the price is just above $ 43 for CoinGecko.

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