Elixir: NFT marketplace for Bitcoin games via Liquid and the Lightning Network

Satoshi’s Games announced the Elixir: a Bitcoin-based NFT marketplace that allows you to trade in-game items against Bitcoin. To enable the NFTs and the marketplace, Satoshi’s Games uses an innovative cocktail of technologies: Lightning Network, LSAT, Liquid and IPFS.

Satoshi’s Games is the team behind the Bitcoin game Light Nite, a Fort Nite clone where players can earn small amounts of bitcoin while playing. What ‘s new is that the items in the game are now also tokenized and tradable on the Elixir marketplace.

Elixir is a Bitcoin-based marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that game developers can use to add NFTs to their games, which are tradable on the platform. For example, you could sell the items and skins you earn in the games via Elixir for bitcoin.

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