EkartInu, grants a 10% bonus on the purchase of tokens in the third phase

Ekart INU has recently been the talk of the crypto world.

Since the day of its launch, this crypto token has received a great response from people. Within weeks of its launch, Ekart Inu has proven to be all that we have claimed.

Ekart Inu has successfully completed pre-sale phase 2 and announced that we are starting pre-sale phase 3. But here in phase 3 we have a credible offer for users who want to buy and have bought Ekart tokens before.

We have said that each new user will receive a 5% bonus on the purchase of up to 3 orders. While existing holders will receive a 10% bonus on their last purchase up to 3 orders for the holder who had purchased Ekart Inu tokens in phase 1.

existing holder of pre-sale phase 2 will receive a 10% bonus on their last purchase up to 2 orders for the holder who had previously purchased Ekart Inu tokens in phase 2.

“From a user perspective, we will go at the same price as the pre-sale of stage 2 in stage 3. We have announced that we will not go to stage 4 and we will. burning of phase 4 tokens worth 3,000,000,000,000. refore, we are extending the period of phase 3 to 30 days, that is, until September 30th.

Our contact address link, website.

How will EkartINU grow?

According to investors, the coin will get a boost from some hype on social media and the anonymous developers of Ekart Inu announced in August that they had started a coin burn to reduce the supply of EKARTINU in response to a request from the community.

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Can EkartInu reach $ 1?

Certainly, it is possible that Ekart Inu could reach a value of one dollar at some point in the future. However, it’s worth noting that even the most optimistic long-term cryptocurrency price prediction sees it valued at less than a penny over seven years.

Will Ekart Inu go up?

re is still room for the future of Ekart Inu to grow and be more successful, but if you want to buy something and wait for it to hit the magic dollar sign, you may be waiting for some time. As with almost all cryptocurrencies, you must be prepared to face some losses in the value of the currency, as well as gains and practice patience.

Ekart Inu is a pure example of excellence backed and fueled by people’s trust. Now 400,000+ Account Holders have arrived and it’s only been a few weeks since launch. Over 180k + family of telegrams and will reach a price 100 times higher when the token goes public on exchanges. Ekart Inu made the impossible possible.

Now they are supporting large investors, as their caral covers the deal through a strategic price increase. y invite investors to invest in Ekart Inu so that the price of the token increases and benefits the holders and the token. y have declared that they are a company that is trusted and trusted by their customers.

y have seen direct control of the market place in the hands of customers and the people who are direct users. We have to say that they have been successful enough to achieve what they had anticipated. Ekart Inu has been supported by customers and end users since its launch.

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Link to the official website: ekartinu.com | ekartinu.global | ekart.global

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