Dvision Network to broadcast Binance Smart Chain’s first anniversary

Dvision Network, the fast-growing NFT and Metaverse protocol, has revealed that it will host the first Binance Smart Chain anniversary event within its virtual platform.

NFT Metaverse protocol further states that the event will take place in the dedicated Binance Hall within its metaverse.

A six-day blockchain event

Binance Smart Chain Anniversary is a six-day event that will take place from September 8-13, 2021 and will consist of a series of events that have been revealed on the Divisional Network landing page.

long-awaited event will take the form of a blockchain conference program and will include 4-5 hours of daily educational and practical activities in the form of in-game events.

educational aspect will include talks from key blockchain stakeholders and in-depth analysis of new projects within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

It’s not just about education and presentations, as attendees will be able to attend different events scheduled for the anniversary conference.

This includes an OX blockchain quiz, a dance contest, chasing randomly generated characters for unique NFT items, and cleaning up some activated areas during the conference for project launches.

Dvision has also partnered with 30 projects within the Binance Smart Chain to ensure the event is a success.

se projects come from different sectors within the blockchain industry and include blockchain gaming platforms such as Splinterlands, Bunny Park, and X World Games. DeFi and NFT projects: Alpaca Finance, Liquidifty, MyDeFi Pet and Baby Swap.

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Other projects include Gala Games, Cryptoblades, Step Hero, GAT Networks, Cryptoblades, and many more.

first anniversary of Binance Smart Chain is an important event for the Dvision Network due to the great ecosystem it constitutes.

Binance Smart Chain was launched about a year ago and is the second largest smart contract network after Ethereum.

It has become home to hundreds of projects that leverage its fast and scalable network to develop next-generation dApps and ecosystems.

Dvision Network is experienced in hosting conferences on its platform and broadcast a live debate conducted by the Korean government on blockchain regulations in August.

Interested participants can now pre-register to receive notifications about when access to the BSC Anniversary Hall will be available.

About Dvision

Division is one of the best NFT and metaverse platforms in the blockchain industry. Initially built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, Dvision migrated its protocol to Binance Smart Chain via CurveGrid’s MultiBaas bridge in March 2021.

On the Dvision platform, anyone can easily create NFT articles without any development-related skills. Additionally, Dvision’s NFT trading system enables monetization by directly connecting creators and consumers without intermediaries. This is to connect the virtual world to reality.

All of these products are powered by the Dvision Network DVI utility token, which is listed on various exchanges including Uniswap, Bithumb, Coinone, Bittrex, Indodax, and Hoo.


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