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It is perhaps one of the fastest growing markets within the crypto market. Blockchain games are popping up like mushrooms and more and more players are discovering the games. Where the well-known shooting and sports games cost you money, games on the blockchain are often play-to-earn.

An example of this is Aavegotchi. This game is based on a toy that many people know from back in the day called Tamagotchi . The game was created by the developers of the crypto project Aave (AAVE), who then combined their company name with the popular toy of the 1990s.

In this article we go through the entire game and discover how you can earn crypto by playing a game. Have you ever owned a Tamagotchi? Who knows, this game will evoke nostalgic moments in you!

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  • What is Aavegotchi?
    • Rare farming
    • The rewards for Rarity farming
  • Aavegotchi’s coin: GHST
    • discontinue GHST
    • What can you do with the FRENS token?
  • Where can I buy GHST?
  • Suitable wallet for the token
  • Aavegotchi’s team
  • Popularity on social media
  • Conclusion

You can find a complete overview of the world of Aavegotchi in the video below. This world is also called the Gotchiverse.


What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a DeFi related game developed by Pixelcraft Studios using the Ethereum mainnet. The game allows players to use NFTs to interact with Aavegotchi’s metaverse.

The ghostly creatures are based on the Tamagotchi, where you could train and care for an animal on a small device. This is also possible with the Aavegotchi’s, but a lot more extensive.

An Aavegotchi has different characteristics, each of which has a certain degree of rarity. These features are NFTs, which have other benefits besides appearance. These include rewards for staking, traits, and wearable products. This equipment of the ghostly creature can also become rarer by leveling up the equipment.

As with the Tamagotchi, you can also level up an Aavegotchi. This is possible by participating in various activities on the platform. Examples include mini games, managerial tasks, and social occasions. Upgrading the Aavegotchi and the items that come with it will increase the value of your Aavegotchi. In addition, the performance in rarity farming will also improve.


Rare farming

One way to earn cryptocurrency in the game is rarity farming. The rarer your Aavegotchi and its equipment, the more you will be rewarded during this game. In addition, the creativity of players is also taken into account. The more active and thoughtful you are on the platform, the greater your reward will be.

Rarity farming is possible in different ways. This can be done, for example, by playing minigames. There are also items that change the properties of your Aavegotchi and therefore affect your reward. Another way is to select rare traits while summoning your Aavegotchi.

The activities on the platform will not remain static, as this would be boring for all players. Because the distribution of properties and portable items is constantly changing, you as a player will have to go along with this change. For example, you may have an item that is very valuable at the time, but less valuable for a new game setup. As a result, it is not a race to the maximum level of an item, but you have to switch between items.

Like other games, Aavegotchi also has an ever-changing meta. If many players use an item that causes the Aavegotchi to get a high aggression score, this item will be less rare and others can anticipate this. Strategic decisions are therefore very important!

The rewards for Rarity farming

The game works with different seasons. Each season has different parts and a varying prize pool. Each season of rarity farming, the rarest Aavegotchis are rewarded with the coin GHST.

The amount of the reward depends on the number of transactions within the game. Part of the transaction fee is spent on the rarity farming prize pool. Of all GHST spent on in-game items, 40% goes to the prize pool.

In each category, the rewards are distributed in the same way. For example, the best Aavegotchis get the highest rewards and the reward gets less and less for Aavegotchis that fall below them. This makes it rewarding for active and creative users to play the game.

There is also a lower limit for getting rewards. For the first season of rarity farming, you must be in the top 5000 to be eligible for a reward. If you were outside the top 5000, you were not rewarded for your activity.

If you qualify for rewards, you will receive them every two weeks. The team bases this reward on a snapshot that they always make in advance. After this snapshot, players will be able to claim the rewards. After that, each player can continue playing immediately, because the next round starts immediately.


Aavegotchi’s coin: GHST

GHST, Aavegotchi’s token, is the currency within the game’s ecosystem. With this means of payment it is possible to buy various items on the platform, such as portals, wearables, consumables, collectibles and other goods.

GHST can be earned by playing minigames and rarity farming. In addition, you can also collect more crypto by staking the coin. In addition to these functions, GHST is also intended for governance. Here players can vote in the AavegotchiDAO.

The AavegotchiDAO is the administrative part within Aavegotchi, which is described as ‘gradual decentralization’. The team has a big say in making decisions, but players with administrative tasks can also express their views on aspects in and around the game.

discontinue GHST

You can pin your GHST and get rewarded for it. This is called staking your coins. You can stake GHST on Polygon’s network (MATIC). On the Polygon platform , you can stake through four different pairs:

  • GHST

For each GHST you strike, you receive 1 FRENS per day. If you also want to stop your GHST, but find it difficult to go through the steps for this, you can discover step-by-step how you can stop GHST via this link.

What can you do with the FRENS token?

By striking GHST you get FRENS as a reward. This allows you to buy tickets on the platform. A ticket is an NFT, which you need to participate in the Aavegotchi lotteries.

There are two types of tickets that you can buy with FRENS, namely Raffle Tickets and Drop Tickets . The Raffle Tickets can be used for the lottery, which allows you to win portable items. The Drop Tickets give you the opportunity to win portals and other packages. So both tickets give you NFTs, which you can use in the game.

It is important to know that you cannot exchange the FRENS tokens with others. It is intended to reward players who participate in the ecosystem. That is why you can only get the tokens by staking, as they are not for sale.


Where can I buy GHST?

At the moment, the Aavegotchi coin is available through more than 20 trading platforms. It is also possible to buy GHST through the well-known exchanges. Wondering if your platform also offers the coin? In the list below you can see the most used and reliable trading platforms:

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Uniswap
  • Sushi swap
  • Bitvavo

Suitable wallet for the token

In addition to the exchange, you can also store GHST on the Metamask wallet . You can also connect to Aavegotchi via this wallet, making the Metamask wallet the most convenient option. Normally the most secure option is to put your coins on a hardware wallet. This is recommended in most cases since you own the private key here and therefore actually own the coins.

The most famous hardware wallet is currently the Ledger Nano S. You can buy this from the official Dutch reseller Cryptomaan. At the moment (November 2021) it is not yet possible to place GHST on the Ledger, but you can check if this has changed via this link.

Aavegotchi’s team

In total, Aavegotchi’s team consists of 14 team members. Not every team member has revealed their identity, but most team members have. Although the project is still relatively young, the developers are very experienced. One of these developers is Les Borsai, an entrepreneur in the technology industry and also an advisor for several music and blockchain projects. Borsai invested in Ethereum at an early stage and is a co-founder of Wave Financial, a company active in digital assets.

The guy on the team who mainly focuses on NFTs and the metaverse is ‘DesignerDave’. Dave also has a wealth of experience, especially in the gaming sector. For example, Dave gained experience at Ubisoft and Warcraft, among others, before making the switch to mobile gaming. Dave also sees new trends coming early and is therefore now working in the field of blockchain gaming.

Another team member who is also active with the NFTs is Jesse. Also in Jesse’s career there are several well-known companies, where Jesse has been active. For example, Jesse worked at Mintable, the first NFT minting platform. Prior to that, Jesse performed work for Lenovo and Motorola, among others. The other team members are mainly active in the field of design and development of the game itself.


Popularity on social media

The game communicates with interested gamers and investors through various social media platforms. By far the most players are reached via Twitter, where more than 65,000 people follow Aavegotchi’s account. For many crypto projects, Twitter is the social media channel with the most followers, and this also applies to Aavegotchi.

In addition to Twitter, the Aavegotchi team is also active on Telegram and Discord. Through these channels they reach more than 10,000 people per platform. If Reddit and Medium are the social media channels you like to visit, you can also find Aavegotchi here. However, there are a lot fewer followers on these platforms. Nevertheless, almost 3,000 paying followers at Medium is a great achievement. This amount of followers is as much as Litecoin (LTC) and Chainlink (LINK) combined!

Popularity Aavegotchi (November 2021)












Aavegotchi is one of the play-to-earn games, where you can earn money by playing a game. Through NFTs, staking or simply investing in GHST you can earn money with the coin and the game. Especially for gamers who used to have a lot of fun with the Tamagotchi, this game can be a nice form of relaxation.

However, the game is much more extensive than the Tamagotchi of the past. This way you can completely dress up the spooky creature with NFTs, which have various advantages. This way you can develop special properties that are useful for certain mini-games. You can also upgrade the properties, so that the property becomes even more powerful.

Because the Aavegotchi platform has many different functions, it is useful to orient yourself well. Reading a blog like this is a good step, but the videos and links in the blog will certainly lead you to more information about the game. The game started development in 2020 and blockchain gaming is just getting started. Who knows what the blockchain gaming market will do in the future and if Aavegotchi will become a mainstream game. Nobody has a crystal ball. Should this happen, you will not be able to benefit from the early detection of the game!

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