Deloitte and NYDIG will help companies with bitcoin services

Business services provider Deloitte and bitcoin company NYDIG are joining forces to help businesses integrate bitcoin into their services. This should lead to a kind of ‘one-stop shop’ for companies that want to do something with bitcoin.

Deloitte is the world’s largest business services provider, specializing in consultancy, financial and legal advice and is one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms. NYDIG is a bitcoin company focused on bitcoin management and bitcoin-based financial products for institutional parties.

With the cooperation they hope to offer companies ‘of every size’ a complete service. ?ǣThe alliance creates a centralized approach for clients seeking advice on how to implement bitcoin products and services,?ǥ explained a Deloitte press release.

Deloitte takes care of the business and legal part and NYDIG provides the technological infrastructure to integrate bitcoin wallets, bitcoin savings campaigns, bitcoin loans and other products into existing systems.


Services to banks seem to be a spearhead for the alliance. ?ǣConsumers are increasingly looking to banks to act as trusted providers of bitcoin-based financial products, as they already do for dollars ,?ǥ the press release states. The collaboration should lower barriers for industries that need to meet high compliance standards.

?ǣThe future of financial services will be centered around the use of digital assets, and we are focused on advising our clients on ways to engage in a way that is regulated and compliant with legislation ,?ǥ writes Richard Rosenthal of Deloitte. “We believe the alliance with NYDIG will drive further business growth and is indicative of Deloitte’s extensive investment to enable innovation with digital assets.”

Strong signal

Deloitte has been monitoring bitcoin since 2014, but interest has increased especially since 2017. Nowadays, Deloitte publishes the ‘Global Blockchain Survey’ every year, and various other studies and publications have been added in recent years. The results often pointed to increasing adoption and a growing industry.

The collaboration with NYDIG seems to indicate that Deloitte thinks the time is right to position itself in the market. Given Deloitte’s reputation, market position and network, this sends a strong signal that reflects positively on bitcoin and may have a legitimizing effect on other institutional parties.

Competitor KPMG has also been offering various types of services related to bitcoin for some time. The Canadian branch of KPMG even invested in bitcoin in February. The investment, they say, reflects the belief that digital assets such as bitcoin will play an increasingly important role for institutional parties.

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