De Nodezaak: weekly new videos about Bitcoin

De Nodezaak is a new Dutch video production, with new videos about Bitcoin every week. Bart Mol takes you by the hand to explain Bitcoin step by step. A piece of background information, but also especially what you can do with it and how you can use it. There are now ten episodes.

The Dutch Bitcoin community is a bit richer again. Bart Mol from Satoshi Radio started a new video series on Youtube a while ago called the Nodezaak, with new videos every week in which he explains how to use Bitcoin with the help of tutorials.

The Nodezaak is not only for experienced bitcoiners who want to learn more, but also mainly aimed at beginners who may no longer see the wood for the trees.

Bart probably explains it best himself during the introductory video:

“I think you should really think of it as a store. A store where everything is free and where you can get knowledge: knowledge about Bitcoin. And there is a section for experts and a section for newcomers, there is a section about Bitcoin nodes , there is a section on the monetary properties of bitcoin, a section on hardware wallets and a section on buying and selling bitcoins – something for everyone.

Because that’s important. The bitcoin world is constantly changing and there are new ways to set up nodes, new wallets, new ways to make instant transactions with the Lightning Network. And that’s for experts. Do you have to introduce yourself, if you are a beginner, if you just came to see? You are overwhelmed with all the options out there. Where do you buy your bitcoin, how do you store it, how can you send it at all, how do the fees work, how does such a blockchain work? Those are exactly the things we’re going to cover in the Node case.”

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