De Nodezaak 11 and 12: Connecting Specter to your own node & the ultimate bitcoin transaction tutorial

De Nodezaak is a Dutch video production with new videos about Bitcoin every week. Bart Mol takes you by the hand to explain Bitcoin step by step. A piece of background information, but also especially what you can do with it and how you can use it. This week there are two new videos: a tutorial about Specter wallet and about bitcoin transactions.

Episode 11: Connecting Specter to Your Own Node

“You have your own node. You have your own hardware wallet. You’re almost there, but something is still missing. A way to make that node and hardware wallet work together.

That is what Bart is going to explain to you today. We link our own node via Specter Wallet to our hardware wallet (in our case the Coldcard). How cool is that?! In this way you are no longer dependent on others to be able to send your transaction. And it’s pretty simple to do, too.”

Episode 12: The Ultimate Bitcoin Transaction Tutorial

“Doing a Bitcoin transaction is not that easy. Long addresses, waiting for blocks and high transaction costs. There are a number of snakes lurking to steal your hard-earned Bitcoin.

That’s why Bart made several trades in this episode. He starts on the exchange, and then sends the Bitcoin to the Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard and Bluewallet. Together we look at the mempool, transaction fees and signing the transaction on your wallet.”

The Node case

De Nodezaak is a Dutch-language video production by Bart Mol of Satoshi Radio, with new videos about Bitcoin every week. Young or old, expert or beginner: everyone is welcome. With the help of video tutorials, Bart takes you by the hand to explain Bitcoin step by step.

You can find all episodes of the Nodezaak via the search function on our website or on the Youtube channel of Satoshi Radio.

The Nodezaak is sponsored by Bitonic

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