Daan Kleiman at the Cryptocast about Bitonic’s bitcoin-only vision

Bitonic has been around for ten years! One is still bitcoin-only. Why actually? In the Cryptocast episode 219B, Daan Kleiman of Bitonic explained, in summary: Bitonic only believes in Bitcoin and has therefore built its services and products around this technology.

The bitcoin-only choice ensures that we are a stable base in the chaotic crypto market and stimulate long-term thinking. Daan Kleiman of Bitonic

In the conversation with Mark Nuvelstijn of Bitvavo and Lucas Wensing of AMDAX, further discussions were held about the state of the Dutch bitcoin market, the supervision of De Nederlandse Bank (DNB), marketing plans and the various target groups and visions of the companies.


After ten years, the first bitcoin company in the Netherlands still only focuses on Bitcoin. Despite many hypes of altcoins (casinocoins), attacks on the bitcoin protocol, regulations (for example the lawsuit with De Nederlandsche Bank) and disinformation, Bitonic continues to focus on one thing.

We are a haven in the market, the opposite of a casino. Dan Kleiman

Bitonic distinguishes itself within the crypto market and chooses to only offer bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only real decentralized currency, without a founder and technically superior. A fair, robust and transparent form of money – unique in every way.

The bitcoin-only choice has many advantages and is essential. Bitonic offers a clean and sophisticated user experience, instead of stressful interfaces. Protecting against noise, greed, fomo, impulsivity and gambling behavior are central to Bitonic.

Furthermore, Bitonic supports and stimulates the technical developments and possibilities of Bitcoin with sponsorship, education, events and courses through the Bitonic Academy. Instead of following the latest hypes, short-term trends and opportunism, Bitonic chooses to build on Bitcoin’s technical capabilities. For example, BL3P, Bitonic’s exchange, has integrated the Lightning Network Lightning Network A network based on Bitcoin that allows bitcoin transactions to be made outside the blockchain (currently only for internal use). These transactions are faster and cheaper than when they are done via the regular Bitcoin network, without sacrificing the decentralized security that the blockchain offers, Kleiman says during the podcast. Transactions with Lightning are lightning fast. This will soon make it possible to deposit and withdraw bitcoin via BL3P immediately.

The choice to only offer Bitcoin seems to be confirmed once again in light of the tumultuous past weeks. With this as a starting point, Bitonic therefore also focuses a lot on education, including with the recently renewed platform bitcoin.nl, an essential task and need for the market.

Ready for the next chapter

With Bitonic’s 10th anniversary, the company is ushering in a new chapter. A chapter in which stability, speed, innovation, privacy and education are central.

Bitcoin continues to develop strongly, it scales excellently, technical developments follow each other faster and faster and new use cases are made possible by these technical innovations. A robust decentralized transaction network: the monetary system of the future.

Bitonic’s exchange BL3P will become more and more prominent. In addition to the integration of Lightning on the platform, the new trade engine was launched earlier this year. This makes the trading platform fast, stable and ready for everyone.

Bits is a good example with which Bitonic wants to stimulate long-term thinking. Bits offers its customers a way to automatically save with bitcoin. A simple way for people to periodically and automatically buy a piece of bitcoin without the stress of ‘timing the market’. Kleiman further announces that Bitonic will integrate innovations that make Bitcoin possible – or are still being built.

With Bitcoin we focus on stability, integrity and security. Dan Kleiman

In the field of marketing, Bitonic follows its own path and also looks at spearheads such as innovation, long-term incentives, stability and education. Sponsoring technical events, the podcast ‘The new money’, Kris-Anne Mulder (Dutch boxing champion) and Max Warmerdam (Dutch chess talent) are good examples of this. Furthermore, Bitonic will also use other channels to communicate the message.

Driven by vision and knowledge and a well-considered combination of services, Bitonic strengthens its position as the only Bitcoin-only company in the Netherlands. Moreover, Bitonic will always remain committed to protecting the privacy of citizens – an essential task in times of repression and false security.

Check out Bitonic’s anniversary page for more information about the past and future plans of the oldest bitcoin company in the Netherlands.

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