CryptoZoon ZOAN Games (ZOON) Token. How to buy, play and guide.

In this article we will talk about CryptoZoon and (ZOON) Token, a new NFT game that already has a large community and at the moment that we are publishing the post is on the rise (check if you do not see it at the time it is published, since may not be on the rise).

Today at Cryptoshitcompra we bring you all the information about the game, a guide to get started with Cryptozoon and how to buy Zoon Token.

Introduction to CryptoZoon

CryptoZoon is a complete Digital Creatures Universe platform live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

CryptoZoon is inspired by Pokemon Story, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will allow millions of people to participate in the world of NFT and blockchain based games in a simple, creative and fun way.

CryptoZoon will be the first ecosystem to combine the best aspects of games and digital collectibles, transforming it into the universe of digital creatures. With CryptoZoon, players can use their ZOAN to fight monsters, collect, grow, and join training (fight each other).

Story behind CryptoZoon

CryptoZoon’s cosmos was previously peaceful and beautiful before being invaded by Yaki Monsters. y slaughter creatures for food and energy from the planets before turning it into a dead planet. More than half of the creatures were killed by them.

remaining species around the universe have begun to gather, to build armies, to fight against the Yaki empire; and prepare for the greatest life and death battle.

ZOAN Games Play

CryptoZoon is designed to take you beyond your wildest dreams; In collaboration with the community, our team will develop the functionality of the game assets associated with the ZOAN brand.

Zoon ecosystem must be a complete De-Game-Fi platform; Only by providing an immersive gaming experience will the ecosystem be able to attract enough participants to add value to the network.

Fight monsters

CryptoZoons are tasked with fighting Yaki monsters every day. player first selects the creatures to use in battle and equips them with weapons by purchasing these items available on the MarketPlace. player will pay a small price for BNB gas to participate in combat with a chosen enemy.

stronger the enemy, the greater the reward. However, players should pay attention to the win rate calculated for each Yaki Monster. Choosing opponents wisely will bring many victories and rewards to the players. y can then upgrade their ZOANs to defeat stronger enemies.

game is then launched to get the results of the battle and records them on the blockchain. If the fight ends in the player’s favor, the player receives the ZOON Token and the character’s experience. If the result is a loss, the player will still receive some EXP but no reward tokens.


ZOANs can make a profit while you sleep.

Not only does it focus on battles with the Yaki monsters, the creatures on the planet CryptoZoon also need agriculture to sustain food during a long fight. Players can choose the creatures that are suitable for farming to get the best profit.

During farming, creatures will generate ZOON tokens. This is considered the main source of energy on the planet CryptoZoon. Players can use ZOON to improve squad quality and get ready to fight with Yaki Monsters. Players must bet their creatures on the correct cultivation group that corresponds to them. total reward for farming is 150 million ZOON tokens.

Against the Yaki bosses

  • Every weekend, the Yaki Bosses will simultaneously attack the CryptoZoon planet. Its power is immense. However, then, all the creatures on the planet will unite to defeat these monsters and protect the planet.
  • All players can join Against Yaki Bosses events without any conditions. Each event includes a few rounds of play. next round will be more difficult than the previous one. ZOANs will attack the Yaki Bosses in turn until they drop or destroy the Yaki Boss in the last round.
  • reward for each event is 100BNB in ​​ZOON token, divided into 3 stages as 20, 30, 50 BNB respectively. Players who pass any stage will share in the reward for that stage.

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Let’s build your strongest ZOAN squad to protect our beautiful CryptoZoon planet!

Raise and grow

  • re are 2 stages of evolution on the planet CryptoZoon, the egg stage and the adult stage. Only adult ZOANs can participate in other activities such as farming or monster fighting.
  • Player can buy eggs from MarketPlace and then hatch them to hatch an adult ZOAN. Both the purchase and hatching eggs must use ZOON tokens.


Users can trade eggs, adult creatures, and items on the MarketPlace. Products for sale can be from developers or players. This is considered a Non-fungible Token (NFT) and fungible Token (Token ZOON) exchange. NFT is considered a commodity and the ZOON token is a currency.

main currency used in MarketPlace is ZOON Token. All transactions are made in ZOON Token.


  • Players will participate in one of three training caras: Challenge, Random Battle, or Create a Waiting Room. After finding an opponent, players must deposit at least 1,000 ZOON for each match. winner will take all of these amounts and increase the rank on the leaderboard.
  • ⚡In the match, each player chooses 3 ZOAN to fight. ZOANs with high speed stats will go first. battle will end when 3 ZOAN fall on 1 team. ZOAN stats and squad readiness will directly affect ZOAN strength in battle. refore, users must make smart decisions to win.
  • Training will become a game application. This application will be optimized on both computers and phones for the convenience of users when using it. game system will be updated and completed soon. Every week, players with a high win rate will be honored and awarded with ZOON.

De-Game-Fi Mechanism

CryptoZoon, with a focus on gambling and the NFT gaming experience, aims to create a new financial system integrated with blockchain and gambling, making gambling not only for fun but also an investment.

revolutionary idea of ​​NFT agriculture (ZOAN) allows NFT collections to be used in DeFi performance agriculture, significantly increasing the value of the NFT ecosystem.

CryptoZoon Creatures

Development forms

⏳ creatures in CryptoZoon Planet spawn from eggs and then go through the next stages of evolution to reach the fully active version. Players must spend some ZOON tokens to complete the hatching process.

Two forms of development: egg and ZOAN

ZOAN classes and indicators

re are 4 unsurtary systems corresponding to the ZOAN classes. strengths and weaknesses of each class are basically expressed through 4 main indicators: Attack; Defend; Speed; and HP.

  • Plasmer ZOAN: enormous source of energy gives Plasmer ZOAN an invincible attack power.

Attack: 9-10 Defense: 3-4 ⚡ Speed: 6-7 HP: 100-200

  • Hydrein ZOAN y have the ability to heal wounds, so they have long-lasting vitality.

Attack: 3-4 Defense: 5-6 ⚡ Speed: 4-5 HP: 400-500

  • Stonic ZOAN He thinks that the skin is structured like a protective armor, so they have a great defense.

Attack: 3-4 Defense: 9-10 ⚡ Speed: 3-4 HP: 250-350

Skyler ZOAN Skyler ZOANs have the advantage of speed when gliding through the air.

Attack: 5-6 Defense: 3-4 ⚡ Speed: 9-10 HP: 150-250

Levels on CryptoZoon

re are 6 levels to measure the perfection and strength of creatures. Each ZOAN will evolve in these 6 consecutive levels towards the latest version.

Experience Points (EXP) will accumulate through matches. ZOANs will level up when they reach the required EXP. Zoans with higher rarity can accumulate EXP faster.














From 4000

Creatures with higher evolution levels take priority in Play to Win operations. High-level ZOANs have a higher victory rate, higher agricultural productivity, higher rewards for winning battles, etc.

Rarity levels in CryptoZoon

After hatching from an egg, ZOAN will randomly possess a rarity level. ZOAN will be tied to this rarity level for life. re are a total of 6 levels arranged in ascending rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

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Rarity levels also affect ZOAN’s priority as an evolution level statistic. Not only that, the rarity levels decide the maximum number of times ZOAN can participate in Fight Monsters.

  • ZOANs with higher rarity will level up faster.
  • rarer the creatures, the more turns Fight Monsters will have.


Fight monsters

Players use ZOAN to fight the Yaki monsters. If players win the battle, they will earn ZOON tokens and gain experience to level up to ZOAN. win rate will be calculated automatically based on the indicators, rarity and evolution levels of the ZOAN.

rarity of ZOAN determines the maximum number of turns to play in every 4 hours.



Turns to Fight Monster each 4 hours










Super rare









Experience Points (EXP) will accumulate through matches. ZOANs will level up when they reach the required EXP. Zoans with higher rarity can accumulate EXP faster.














From 4000

Zoans that are high in rarity and evolution can earn more ZOON as a reward for winning battles.

  • Farm: Users can stake Zoans on the farm to retrieve ZOON as agricultural rewards. Zoans with a high level of rarity and evolution will receive a higher amount of ZOON from Farming. Zoan must reach at least level 3 to participate in farming.
  • Breed and Grow (Coming Soon): Users can pair Zoans and create new generations. Only Zoans that reach the standard level can create a new generation with their genes.
  • Training (Coming Soon): Players can compete against each other to practice and win ZOON from opponents, as well as receive ranking rewards.
  • Against Yaki Bosses (Coming Soon): re will be a Against Yaki Bosses event each week. All players must prepare at least 4 ZOAN with 2 of them at least in Uncommon Estate to participate in the slaughter of Yaki Bosses. reward will be divided among the players who destroy the Yaki Bosses.

Cryptozoon game starter packs

How to buy your first creature in Cryptozoon?

To build an invincible squad, you need to start collecting the first creatures. You can buy ZOAN eggs in the store or buy the ZOAN directly from MarketPlace.

  • Players can essentially purchase eggs from the store and then hatch them to hatch in fully functional ZOAN. price is 12,000 ZOON for a random egg and 14,000 ZOON for an egg of known class. This is a good price for players to have a chance to unlock a much more valuable creature. Players must spend 100 ZOON for an egg to turn into a ZOAN.
  • Otherwise, the player can buy a ZOAN directly from the MarketPlace. Players can choose the desired ZOAN at higher prices. Once purchased from the MarketPlace, ZOAN creatures can perform all game functions.

se are two detailed guides on how to buy ZOAN!

How to play Fight monsters?

  • Step 1: Connect your wallet and exchange it for ZOON through this link.
  • Step 2: Use ZOON to buy at least 1 ZOAN from MarketPlace. Remember to keep some BNB in ​​your wallet to pay for the gas fee.
  • Step 3: choose a ZOAN for the battle
  • Step 4: choose a Yaki monster as your opponent
  • Step 5: Confirm your transaction and wait for the results after the automatic battles.
  • Step 6: If you win, you can claim your reward. If not, you lose the gas fee and 1 turn to play.

Farming? How to join Farming

  • Step 1: connect your wallet to the MarketPlace.
  • Step 2: incubate eggs to spawn creatures or buy them directly from MarketPlace
  • Step 3: Aim your creatures in the corresponding group.
  • Step 4: Confirm your transaction.


To ensure the long-term viability of Zoon’s tokenomics, our team has built a special mechanism that allows Zoon to hold for an extended period of time while limiting the possibility of inflation.

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How does it work?

  • fee is 5% for selling.
  • and 2% per purchase transaction. se tokens will be transferred to Marketing Wallet and Bosses Game Contracts and used for development purposes such as marketing, CEX listing, Yaki Bosses killer rewards, buyback and burn.

Zoon Token Distribution

  • CryptoZoon Token
  • Name: CryptoZoon
  • Symbol: ZOON
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (one billion tokens)

How to buy CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token?

Next we are going to provide you with a simple tutorial so that you can easily buy CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token .

  • Well then I leave you a tutorial on how to buy it, you can buy it through Pancakeswap or, we will do it from pancakeswap and in case you don’t know, we need to have a portfolio either from trustwallet or metamask, in this case I I use metamask.
  • Here you have a tutorial on how to create a portfolio in metamask:

Tutorial create metamask account

  • Once we have our portfolio of metamask created, what we have to do is copy our address as indicated by the arrow and put it with the network of Binance Smart Chain.
  • To put it with the Binance SmartChain network we have to do the following:
  • Where it says “MAIN ETHERUM NETWORK” you give it and then you add “custom network” and you put the following:

Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL:

  • n you have to copy the Metamask address and have it on that network.

FIRST STEP TO BUY CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token

  • To buy CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token
  • we are going to need BNB, which is the currency of binance, since this token works through its network. so the first thing will be to register here to enter binance and be able to buy BNB.

Next we have to go buy crypto and we have to select BNB to buy it, in this case I do it with Euros and with a debit or credit card.

  • Once the bnb are bought, we go to our Binance wallet and we hit SPOT and we go down until we see BNB and we hit “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.

  • n on the next page that will come out, we have to paste our metamask address and put the BSC network and we would already have the BNB in ​​our metamask portfolio.

SECOND STEP TO BUY CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token

  • first thing will be to go to pancake swap: Pancake
  • When we get to pancake swap we have to connect our metamask portfolio with the binance smart chain network and then put the CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token at the bottom, although it should automatically exit, if not paste the following contract on Token part: 0x9D173E6c594f479B4d47001F8E6A95A7aDDa42bC

In the following image I show you:

  • Once the token is added, we simply have to put the amount of bnb that we want to exchange for CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token
  • and voila, it would be bought and in our metamask portfolio.

PRICE CryptoZoon Game (ZOON) Token LIVE.

price of the token can be seen in the following link: Price



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