CryptoMotors Neon Roadster NFTs Drop This Week

CryptoMotors will launch Neon Roadster cars NFT Thursday at 15:30 UTC. sale will take place in batches, divided into three days. A total of 150 vehicles will be sold through OpenSea and buyers can use REVV, WHALE and ETH to buy them.

Neon Roadster car NFTs will come in five different colors. In the middle of the collection there will also be 3 hidden versions and the demand is likely to be high for these. A vehicle will cost 1.1 ETH and the price in REVV and WHALE will be the equivalent of that.

launch day bundle will include 25 NFT Neon Roadster cars, five units per color. second lot will include 48 units but only four colors. developers will randomly remove one of the original colors from the second batch. y will not mint that caral again, so it is a rare commodity. Following this same logic, the third batch will bring 75 Neon Roadster units and only three colors. y will randomly remove another caral from the last batch, making it a rare asset again.

CryptoMotors in the metaverse

Neon Roadster is a new series of CryptoMotors cars. From a blockchain perspective, they try to incorporate NFT CryptoMotors into as many virtual worlds as possible. For example, you can use your Neon Roadster to drive through Somnium Space, but you can also cross Decentraland or Cryptovoxels.

CryptoMotors is also working on its own game. You can see an initial version of the game in the images below. It is important to note that CryptoMotors partnered with Animoca Brands earlier this year. Which could suggest that the game would join the REVV ecosystem.

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