CryptoMotors increases its interoperability

CryptoMotors virtual car makers have gone to great lengths to create interoperability for their NFT cars. y have revealed that the Neon Roadster, on sale Thursday for 1.1 ETH, will be usable in the REVV Racing racing game and Sandbox. ‘

CryptoMotors is creating unique virtual cars, turning them into an NFT and building an ecosystem. y are working on their own racing game so that all NFT owners can race together. However, they always wanted to say that the CryptoMotors ecosystem was interoperable between different dapps. That’s where REVV Racing and Sandbox come in. Also, cars can now be imported into Somnium Space.

Gen-1 Neon Roadster goes on sale this Thursday at 15:30 UTC via OpenSea. y will sell the cars in three lots, spread over the same number of days. Each car will sell for 1.1 ETH.

What is interoperability?

Interoperability refers to the ability of computer systems to exchange and use information with each other. Gamers often talk about cross-platform gaming, which is a form of interoperability. In blockchain games, we mean the ability to use individual game assets across multiple games. Note that the NFTs themselves can also be interoperable between different blockchains … for example, you can transfer them from Polygon to Ethereum. It is important to understand that interoperability does not always mean the same thing.

When we talk about blockchain games, their individual non-fungible tokens already provide a sense of interoperability. Players who buy items in one game can sell them in one market and then buy new items for another game. It is a very basic form of interoperability, but a crucial concept for the blockchain market.

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Interoperability can also go one step further. A token on the blockchain can do different things in different games. Players can, for example, wear a virtual jersey in various games. Another example would be that a particular token is a sword in one game and a vehicle in the other. Digital ecosystems no longer restrict the assets of games, but instead allow them to move through different digital environments. possibilities are endless. Read more here or dive into the news on interoperability.


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