CryptoBlades: Kingdoms Land Sale Launches Today

Not long ago, CryptoBlades was the favorite of the gaming scene to win. But sadly, their meteoric rise was unsustainable, and they fell again, losing players and token value. Fortunately for everyone, CryptoBlades was never thought of as a money grab, and they went ahead with their plans to build a guild versus guild game. Now, finally, players can buy land for CryptoBlades: Realms from this sale and establish your domain!

CryptoBlades: Kingdoms is a guild versus guild to win game. He claims lands, builds kingdoms, fends off attack, and plunders and plunders enemy kingdoms. But to do all of this, you may need a plot to call home. Lands generate resources, field armies, and are essential for any Kingdoms player.

Today (October 26), starting at 10:00 EST or 14:00 UTC, you can purchase land at various levels. Kingdoms has already completed a series of private sales and launch pads. official public sale will take place today on the CryptoBlades Market.

game and the sale of the land are on Binance smart chain. Land can be purchased with $ SKILL (the CryptoBlades currency) or $ KING (the Kingdom’s currency) on the CryptoBlades marketplace. Three levels are offered, for a total of 135,000 Lands. cost is linked to the USD value in the image below. »alt =» »/> List of land sale levels in the Kingdom

Buying a level 1 plot provides you with a random plot on the map. However, Tier 2 and Tier 3 purchases allow you to choose which land you want to live on. But a warning! Each part of the map will only have space for one level 3 terrain!

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What is CryptoBlades Kingdom?

CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK) will be a strategy game, featuring construction terrain and gameplay mechanics to win. Players will start the game with a village within a random land region. Players must obtain resources and build their village. Through the PvP mechanic, players can loot other villages, while friends can work together in PvP dungeons. However, much of the game will feature the sandbox mechanic, which means that players can group together, create their own economies and guilds.

Guilds can monitor each other’s villages, making sure no one is attacked. At the same time, attacking a village is an important unsurt of the game to win in the game. However, players with strategically thought setups are supposed to have a benefit. game will also feature an in-game betting and purchasing mechanism.


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