Crypto raiders take advantage of the Loot NFT hype

roguel Crypto Raiders dungeon tracker will integrate the NFT loot bag as dungeon rewards, becoming one of the first outdoor gaming projects to embrace the hype. Additionally, loot bag owners who participate in their NFTs will earn passive income. team behind Crypto Raiders has revealed these plans in a recent blog.

Crypto Raiders, which we wrote about this game last month, is an NFT-powered dungeon crawler that runs on the Polygon blockchain. game is quite difficult as it includes a permanent death mechanic. This means that the NFT character someone buys can die and become useless. y are currently the most alive (alive) heroes for 0.119 ETH or $ 466 with the current value of ETH.

Game developers will map loot NFTs with Crypto Raiders Gear slots. For example, the chest item will go to the dress slot, while Noot LFT’s ring or neck will go to the trinket characters slot. However, they will not use all of the items in the Noots Loot, as the Crypto Raiders characters do not have gloves, boots, or belts.

How Loot Owners Will Benefit

LFT NFT owners will need to stake their asset to add their items to the Crypto Raiders main loot table. However, these users will also have to buy and bet, for example, 1,000 RAIDER tokens. developers have yet to decide on all the details, but it is likely to turn into something like that.

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Also, currently running dungeons in Crypto Raiders will be free, but in the future they will charge AURUM for running a dungeon. As a result, these dungeons will generate income. When someone jumps into a Loot NFT dungeon, the Loot NFT owner will get some AURUM once they find their item.

What is Crypto Raiders?

Crypto Raiders is a dungeon crawler where players send their heroes into dungeons to find loot, which they can sell for AURUM tokens. It uses unsurts of RNG-based RPGs, while adding economic unsurts powered by blockchains. Each player character is an NFT that players can upgrade using equipment found in these dungeons. Interestingly, there is also a dead mechanic … which means that NFT characters can die.

This game uses two tiles: AURUM and RAIDER. first, AURUM, is a variable supply token with an initial quantity of 1 billion tokens. Developers will mint or burn AURUM tokens to balance the game’s economy. Players will have to use the token for certain in-game activities, including character creation, crafting items, spells, PVP duels, and dungeon entry.

Crypto Raiders players can earn AURUM by completing dungeons and missions. difficulty of the tasks will influence the number of AURUM tokens someone earns. When players use certain NFT characters, they will get a bonus percentage.

RAIDER government token represents another aspect of the game’s economy. RAIDER has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens and developers can no longer use coins. RAIDER token holders can bet on their tokens to earn a percentage of the AURUM spent on the game. Additionally, RAIDER bettors will earn AURUM based on their Crypto Raiders activity in the game.

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