Crypto Prophecies Game (TCP) Token. What is it and how to buy

This time we bring you a new NFT game called Crypto Prophecies and its TCP Token. And that the truth is that we liked it a lot and in this article we will talk about the token, we will give you all the information that is on its official website in Spanish and we will explain how to buy it.

TCP Token, is a token of the Polygon network.

First of all, I leave you here a link to earn free tokens, it is very simple you just have to put your email, join their telegram and put your wallet. On the link page they explain it to you:

Bind free TCP tokens

What is Crypto Prophecies (TCP) Token?

Enter the Crypto World and put your proclaimed crypto prophecy to the test. Take on other prophets in this zero-sum price prediction game. Place your bet and cast your spells on the candles as you forecast cryptocurrency futures for your profit.

Summon your NFT Crypto Prophets to start creating your own prophecy. Unleash the magical wrath of the prophets on your opponents to gain the upper hand in battle and earn more profits. In the world of cryptocurrencies, fortune favors the boldest, most beautiful and magical prophets.

History Crypto Prophecies (TCP) Token.

Satoshi’s arrival

Long, long ago, in the small Kingdom of the Opulent, there was a time of peace, prosperity, and best of all – big profits! Until one fateful day, when a massive army of creatures arrived at its gates from the “Great Beyond” (the undiscovered lands beyond the borders of Opulent) and launched a brutal assault on the kingdom. army was led by Furmalum, an evil sorcerer who tried to plunge the Crypto World into darkness by stealing the wealth of all the kingdoms.

Oracle, who had ruled the Kingdom of the Opulent for centuries, enlisted the help of the great sorcerer Satoshi and his companionship of Crypto Prophets (a powerful species capable of producing mysterious “profit magic”) to defend the borders of the Opulent. After a grueling war that lasted over 100 crypto-years, Furmalum and his army were defeated by Satoshi and banished to the “Great Beyond” from where they came.

Kingdom of the Opulent was victorious, but suffered devastating losses. Like the many neighboring kingdoms that fell before them, they too saw thousands of Crypto Prophets die in battle. His Kingdom was virtually destroyed and his economy was on the brink of ruin.

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Era of the crypto prophets

After Furmalum’s disappearance, Oracle passed a decree to reopen the legendary and innocuous Battle Arena to help reignite Opulent economic growth, rebuild their Kingdom, and repopulate their kind.

Legend has it that Crypto Prophets love nothing more than tax profit, be it for personal wealth or for the benefit of friends and their kingdom. However, many Crypto Prophets enter the Battle Arena, but few accumulate the experience, reputation, and influence to forge a unique prophecy and earn such a place in the community.

It is time to nurture and prosper. Pass your prophecy and claim one’s place as the greatest

Prophet in the Crypto World.

Thus begins the Age of the Crypto Prophets.

Crypto Prophecies Game Guide.

Here is a link to the game guide in Spanish

crypto Prophecies guide in Spanish

TCP Token distribution:




Private sale















Founding Team






Crypto Prophecies (TCP) Token Technology.

Decentralization and Blockchain

Crypto Prophecies is a decentralized application (DApp) built on top of Polygon’s Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum Blockchain. This gives the game immense scalability and speed at an incredibly low cost while allowing the best possible experience for users.

While we care about the adoption of Blockchain technology, there are some features that are currently not suitable for decentralization. In these cases, some game features will remain centralized until there is a suitable and stable decentralized alternative.

TCP token utility

TCP token will be a fungible token using the ERC20 token standard. TCP token powers the ecosystem and brings value to the ecosystem.

TCP token can be used in the following ways:

To bet on player versus player game caras

To purchase NFT characters, items, and accessories.

As a prize in daily probability draws.

To access special events and tournaments.

Ecosystem governance and voting rights.


TCP token will have the ability to be used as a governance token, based on “one token equals one vote.” Initially, token holders will be offered the ability to vote on minor proposals on how to evolve the ecosystem.

If voting is successful with the community, more involved and complex governance could be explored, such as voting on monetary policy parameters, referral rewards, incentives, and the frequency of prize drawings.

TCP token burning

Half of the 3% Kingdom fee charged on all bets and transactions on the platform will be automatically recorded by sending it to an address 0x0000. This will constantly reduce the circulating supply of TCP tokens.

Road Map Crypto Prophecies (TCP) Token

Crypto Prophecies journey ahead is constantly evolving to offer more user-friendly, consistent, and fun ways for our players and the community to earn money through gaming.


Estimated date


Alpha construction

October 2020


Pre-launch campaign

January 2021


White paper

March 2021


Private presale

April 2021



April 2021


Closed Beta Testing

June 2021

⏳ In progress

NFT Generation 1 Presale

Q3 2021

Game Open beta launch

Q3 2021

Daily Awards

Q3 2021

Launch of NFT Generation 2

Q4 2021

Team battles

Q4 2021

Battle royale cara


League games and tournaments


Launch of NFT Generation 3


Ecosystem governance


How to buy TCP Token?

To buy TCP Token, it is quite simple and there are several ways, if you are more of using an exchange and you do not have a Metamask wallet, the steps are very simple.

Buy TCP Token from an Exchange?

We are going to buy it from the GATE Exchange, so we first register: Gate Registration.

first thing will be to deposit USD and for this we have to go to ?Deposit USD? (you have to pass the KYK and verify the account to do so.)

Now we go here: TCP / USDT

We buy the amount we want of TCP in exchange for USDT.

Buy TCP Token with Metamask or TrustWallet?

1- first step to buy TCP Token will be to have USDT in the Polygoin network in our Metamask portfolio and here is a tutorial on how to buy Matic and pass it to metamask with hardly any commissions.

In the tutorial that I linked we bought matic, but in this case you can buy USDT and pass them through the Matic network, or if you want you can buy with Matic TCP Token, as you prefer. important thing is that you have either MATIC or USDT in the Metamask Polygon network.

2- Good with our Matic in our Metamask portfolio, what we have to do is go to the following SWAP: QuickSwap

3- Once inside the Swap , we import the token, as I show you in the following image:

4- Now we will get the exchange, we put the amount of USDT or MATIC that we want to spend and we will get the amount of TCP that we are going to buy, we buy and that’s it, we already have our TCP Token in our Metamask portfolio.

I hope you liked the tutorial and article on how to buy TCP Token, if so, I hope you share it with your friends and on social networks, any questions you can leave us a comment.

More information on its official website


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