CremePieSwap Polygon MATIC (CPIE) Token What is it and how to buy?

Today we will talk about CremePieSwap and its token (CPIE) Token, this Swap wants to be the great Swap of the Polygon network (MATIC), and a lot of growth is expected in it and logically in its token, today we will talk about all the information what about this swap and about this token. Later we will explain how to buy CPIE Token and much more.

NOTICE (This Token has not yet been released)

What is CremePieSwap?


Mainchain adoption by creating the lowest fee and highest reward AMM on the Polygon (MATIC) network.

How big can CremePieSwap be?

With the significant growth of users in the Matic chain, CremePieSwap has the opportunity to become the leading DEX and grow to the level of adoption of PancakeSwap.

CremePieSwap Team (CPIE) Token

CremePieSwap is run by anonymous developers who have an affinity for Creme and Pie. We will have our dessert and eat it too.


Like PancakeSwap on the BSC, CremePieSwap is designed to help users trade, win and win.

Using best practices from successful DEXs on Binance Smart Chain, $ CPIE will help drive Matic’s exponential growth.

Trade CremePieSwap (CPIE) Token

decentralized exchange is open for users to trade immediately without any registration or account.

No registration required. Users have full ownership of their money and can trade directly from their wallet app.

0.05% of each trade made in CremePieSwap AMM is burned.

Lower rates

MATIC (Polygon), is a network very similar to Binance Smart Chain that offers lower rates than Ethereum or other networks.

CremePieSwap takes advantage of these lower fees and combines them with our low decentralized exchange fees so that users are always working on the lowest cost exchange.

Decentralized exchange

Crypto bought and sold on CremePieSwap goes directly to your wallet. No exchange saves your tokens.

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$ CPIE can be earned at high rates of return through multiple different platform features.

  1. Earn tokens with liquidity funds: An exchange can only operate with sufficient liquidity. Liquidity providers get LP tokens that guarantee many benefits, including discounted trading fees and access to a wider range of Polygon Matic products.
  2. Bet $ CPIE and earn interest while you sleep. Great APR, low risk. -Auto $ CPIE Pool: 2% of each yield crop in the Auto Creme Pool is burned- Group of $ CPIE automatic manual
  3. Earn $ CPIE with Yield Farm: LP tokens that users have received by providing liquidity can be wagered on the farm to earn more $ CPIE.


  1. Win the lottery and win $ CPIE: re are 2 lottery sessions per day, each lasting 12 hours. $ 1 CPIE can be redeemed for 1 lottery ticket.

re is no limit to the total number of lottery tickets that a user can buy. But a user can only buy a maximum of 50 lottery tickets at a time.

A lottery ticket has 4 digits.

Lottery tickets that match the 4-digit lottery jackpot in the exact order get 50% of the jackpot.

Lottery tickets that match the 3-digit lottery jackpot in the exact order get 20% of the jackpot.

Lottery tickets that match the 2-digit lottery jackpot in the exact order get 10% of the jackpot.

remaining 20% ​​is burned.

  1. Earn $ Matic with the prediction market. Guess the MATICUSDT price for the day to earn rewards. An exact price estimate for Matic could earn you $ CPIE just for trying out as your own technical assistant!

Users can choose to commit any amount of $ CPIE they wish to join the prediction market.

Each prediction round lasts 5 minutes. When each round begins, the Matic price at that time is ‘locked’. Users predict whether the price at the end of the round is higher or lower than the ‘fixed price’. If their prediction is correct, they win the MATIC cryptocurrency. If their prediction is wrong, they lose the committed MATIC.

3% of each Matic Price prediction round is used to buy back $ CPIE to burn.

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$ CPIE is configured to bring to Polygon Matic what $ CAKE did for the BSC.

Token CPIE Token distribution:

Token specification

Name: CremePie token

Symbol: $ CPIE

Network: Polygon

Smart contract address: TBA

Token allocation

Maximum supply: unlimited

Emission Rate Per Block Metric

Issuance / blocking (CPIE)

Emission: 2000 Per day

Effective issuance: 57,600,000

Token features

CremePieSwap (CPIE) Token

Each transaction will be charged a 6% “tax” each time someone sells their CPIE to prevent the token price from collapsing when the whales decide to sell. This 6% tax is divided into portions:

2% will be used to add liquidity for CPIE

2% will be distributed to $ CPIE wagered on Launchzone’s PoolX

1% will burn

1% will go to the development and marketing portfolio.

Deflationary mechanics

Currently, CPIE also burns in the following ways:

0.05% of each transaction performed in $ CPIE AMM.

20% of the CPIE spent on lottery tickets

3% of each round of the prediction markets is used to buy CPIE to burn

2% of each yield crop in Auto CPIE Pool

1% tax

Token sales

Private + Public Sale

5,000,000 * $0.0006 = $3M

Starting price: $ 0.0006

Ad Marketing = $ 3 million

1st hour

100 wallets whitelisted

Minimum: $ 2,500 – Maximum $ 10,000 per wallet

Paperback – $ 250,000

Hard Cap – $ 1,500,000

$ 0.0006 Price


Highest allocation

Guaranteed allocation

IDO / IFO whitelist

4000 wallets

Minimum $ 250 – Maximum $ 500 per wallet

We raise: Minimum – $ 1,000,000 Maximum: $ 2,000,000


Risk: You may not get a spot

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Official Website:

How to buy CremePieSwap (CPIE) Token?

To buy the token you will need to have Polygon (Matic) in our metamask Wallet and configured the Polygon network in Metamask, here is a tutorial on how to buy Matic and pass them to metamask with hardly any commissions.

n we go to the same Swap of CremePieSwap, we connect the Wallet with the Polygon network and select the CPIE token to exchange it with Matic.

And voila, you already have CPIE in your Wallet.


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