Covid cases in the UK continue to decline with a sharp turnaround that leaves epidemiologists perplexed

Surprisingly fast spin in cases

UK reported 36,389 additional COVID cases today. It is down from 39,315 yesterday and 54,205 on July 17.

rapid decline after the sharp rise has puzzled scientists who are speculating due to lack of evidence, reluctance to report covid due to unwillingness to isolate themselves, and good weather.

Whatever the reason, the track record looks much better than it did a week ago. Admissions are also well below previous peaks (by a factor of 5x).

cable appeared to break below the double low of March / April earlier in the week, but quickly rebounded above it and will almost certainly close there by the end of the week.

Keep an eye out for the numbers, but they sure look a lot better than they did seven days ago.

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