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Banks have been in the financial sector for years and are considered the backbone of the financial world. Banking networks have provided a wide range of services, including loans, savings, and loans. However, this guide will focus more on the credit side of banking systems.

loan involves allowing others to obtain money but signing an agreement on the future payment of the amount borrowed. interactions between the parties to a loan agreement and the interest rates involved will help determine the best option between crypto loans and bank loans.

Bank loan

bank loan involves the use of banks to obtain loans. re are many ways to make bank loans, including debit card loans and short-term overdrafts.

Although the concept of bank loans has been successful, the idea is clouded by many problems. However, the advent of cryptocurrencies has opened the loan market to a completely new audience that was not previously considered part of the mainstream market.

Cryptocurrency loan

Cryptocurrency lending is a type of crypto banking and financial system that allows crypto enthusiasts to apply for crypto loans. Cryptocurrency loans are one of the best ways for cryptocurrency investors to earn returns without selling their coins.

In crypto loans, lenders lend their crypto assets and wait for the term to run out before receiving the investment plus interest.

Comparison of benefits for lenders and depositors

Banking advantages for the depositor

Interest rates on crypto loans are also proving to be more beneficial to the lender than those on trust loans. As mentioned above, banks have fixed interest rates, which help to benefit the lender (depositors).

According to Investopedia, many banking institutions pay an interest rate of less than 1% to depositors whose money they use to lend. On the other hand, these banks average 3% -4% when granting loans to third parties.

refore, the interest rates charged at banking institutions bring very little income to actual lenders. First, if you deposit $ 1k into your bank account (loan), you expect to earn $ 10 in interest income at the end of the year. On the other hand, the bank could earn up to $ 30 for borrowing your money.

refore, it can be clearly stated that the rates that bank lenders obtain when lending money to depositors are higher. Banks typically earn a lot from loans, but real lenders earn very little.

Crypto loan advantages for lenders

In terms of benefits for lenders, crypto loan stands out as the best option over bank loan. First, the interest / dividend rates on cryptocurrency loans depend on the assets borrowed.

Some assets have very high interest rates that average almost 12% or more. At the end of the year, a lender can get around $ 120 from an initial investment of $ 1000. By comparing this dividend to the interest earned by depositors on bank loans, the cryptocurrency lender makes better returns.

Many peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platforms allow lenders to customize their loan requirements. For example, the lender may set the minimum interest on the loan that it can charge for the amount of the loan offered. Allowing lenders to set custom loan terms gives the lender the ability to earn more income than bank loans.

Also, in most cases, cryptocurrency loans do not involve intermediaries in the loan process. Instead, they use a platform that only requires a small fee to be paid to be the collateral or provide a security guarantee between the lender and the borrower. refore, the lender can get a maximum amount of income from the loans it offers.

Crypto Lending has a higher transaction speed.

Banks have been offering excellent services for centuries, but over the years their dependency and speed of transactions has been slower. First, the bank loan is time consuming due to the processes involved in approving any loan. First, they must check your credit status and find out if you can really pay off the loan with interest.

In addition, banks take longer to obtain these details from various sources, including credit bureaus and other information platforms, and they lengthen the loan process. On average, a person applying for a large loan may be required to physically inform banks at each stage of the loan process, which means that the process could take weeks to complete.

However, crypto loans are proving to be better than bank loans when it comes to processing times. Unlike loans that can take weeks to complete, crypto loans take a few hours. This is because it is completely digitized and all the necessary information is on the blockchain.

Another advantage is that the crypto loan offers a variety of assets during the loan process. For example, a user can use a currency as collateral and receive another asset, perhaps a stablecoin or a token – the availability of various options and fast transaction rates enhance crypto lending.

Crypto loan is more flexible

Another advantage that the crypto loan has over the bank loan is the interest rates. Both lenders and borrowers can quickly maximize their income thanks to the flexible interest rates that are practiced on cryptocurrency loans.

Banking institutions have some kind of fixed interest rates for loans that are sometimes expensive and fixed. However, these loan terms do not change, so they can be inconvenient for the average borrower.

However, the interest rates are very flexible on cryptocurrency loans and can be customized at a minimum. refore, the average borrower and lender can benefit greatly from their loans.


After comparing bank loans and cryptocurrency loans, it is clear that cryptocurrency loans are already well ahead of bank loans. First of all, when it comes to interest for lenders, the lender can earn high income by customizing the loan terms in the cryptocurrency loan. In addition, the housing platform takes the synthetic form of interest.

Other benefits include speed of transactions, flexibility, global accessibility, fewer regulations, and more warranty options. In general, the cryptocurrency loan, if given more time, will advance or replace the bank loan. So when it comes to profit, cryptocurrency loans are better than fiat.

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