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CODI Finance at a glance

Finance CODI is a fully open and decentralized ecosystem with three unique offerings, including a non-fungible token market (NFT), a decentralized exchange (DEX), and a cross-chain DEX initial offering (IDO) launch pad. protocol is built on Solana’s blockchain, ensuring that its decentralized finance (DeFi) offerings are secure, highly scalable, and interoperable.

Solana-based all-in-one DeFi protocol aims to build a progressive ecosystem where users can get faster and cheaper DeFi products within the Solana ecosystem.

multipurpose CODI ecosystem

As stated above, the CODI ecosystem is equipped with three main features, giving the protocol an edge over most platforms throughout the DeFi space. Below is a breakdown of the protocol’s unique offerings.

NFT Marketplace for Artists and Collectors

CODI plans to launch an NFT marketplace that will allow collectors and artists to exchange NFT easily and securely. Additionally, leveraging the Solana blockchain ensures that the protocol worries less about slow transaction times and high gas fees like the Ethereum blockchain. refore, users can expect efficient NFT trading, including digital assets in CODI.

CODI’s NFT market launch will enhance the growth and development of the NFT ecosystem in Solana and other networks. In short, the protocol plans to use the Solana network to offer users an efficient and fluid NFT market with extremely low gas rates and fast transaction speeds.

CodiSwap DEX

CodiSwap is the native DEX of the CODI ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain to provide users with fast transactions and lower costs. CodiSwap, like the NFT market, is on the horizon. It is a fully decentralized exchange platform that will allow users to trade / exchange virtual tokens, exchange cryptocurrencies, transfer funds between wallets, stake crypto assets, and ensure market liquidity.

IDO Launchpad

Also called COPad, CODI’s IDO launch pad is one of the key components of its Solana-based ecosystem. IDO launch pad offers crypto projects the license to sell tokens prior to their launch.

Unlike other launch pads that don’t offer a guaranteed seat, the CODI launch pad will be for everyone. Essentially, the goal of CODI is to build a fully decentralized IDO launch pad that everyone can invest in at any time, as long as the IDO is up and running. Additionally, DeFi projects will use the springboard to more effectively raise funds from committed investors.

protocol also plans to implement an automated rewards system to convince more DeFi enthusiasts to provide liquidity to projects on the springboard.

$ CODI token

$ CODI token is the native cryptocurrency of the protocol that powers its ecosystem, including CodiSwap. token is an SPL-based asset and serves as a protocol governance token to build a community-driven ecosystem.

Holders of $ CODI will be able to stake their shares and earn additional income from trading fees. protocol has designed its stakeout layers to provide simplicity to users. refore, users can freely claim their participation rewards.

different participation levels with participation amount and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) are:

Bronze level: Bet amount

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Crypto pioneering events continue to entertain the world in 2021 and in this Crypto boom, the Gotbit name needs no introduction anymore. Recently, Gotbit announced its new expansion, ‘Gotbit Foundation’ which is a venture capital investment firm focused on the long-term development of decentralized projects. It is designed to provide the visionaries of tomorrow with capital and a broad support network to make new discoveries.

Launched in 2017 when cryptocurrencies were still growing, Gotbit has come a long way to become one of the largest and most respected cryptocurrency market creators and consultants in recent times. He is currently involved in over 250 projects around the world, having successfully delivered over 1000 projects to date, including multiple ‘Top 100’ projects, a remarkable feat in such a short period of time.

Gotbit & Gotbit Foundation co-founder and CEO Andryunin Alexey, a pioneer in the blockchain and crypto trading market, is very optimistic about Gotbit’s future plans.

Gotbit Foundation primarily invests in decentralized projects from the start and assists them throughout the entire process by leveraging the Gotbit network. Being able to take advantage of market creation, internal developers and consulting for new concepts facilitates high growth. It also ensures the credibility of the various stakeholders involved by serving as an incubator and providing funding for various promising and deserving blockchain-based products.

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Gotbit’s headquarters is based in Moscow and operates on a global scale. Gotbit team has expanded to over 110 highly enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are playing different roles in the evolution of the company. He is considered one of the best market makers in the blockchain industry and is known for providing high-quality services in a planned manner. various services Gotbit offers include:

  • Make the market
  • Development
  • Investment

Over the years Gotbit has established itself as a key strategist in the sector by expanding its network and has earned the trust of various stakeholders, ensuring its optimal growth. It continues to strengthen the blockchain industry through its constant support and various successful projects. One thing is for sure, Gotbit plays an important role in the crypto ecosystem and only plans to expand its footprint and accelerate new projects.

Follow them here.

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