Coca Cola joins NFT Ecosystem through Decentraland

famous soft drink company Coca Cola will join the NFT ecosystem through an event organized in Decentraland. On July 30 there will be an event sponsored by Coca Cola in the virtual world to celebrate International Friendship Day. re will be NFT giveaways during the virtual event.

Coca Cola Company is planning their NFT loot, which they will have revealed on July 28. OpenSea auction will begin at 12:01 UTC on Friday, July 30 and will close at 20:00 UTC on Monday, August 2. All proceeds from the auction will go to Special Olympics International.

Coca Cola event at Decentraland will be held in a giant Coca-Cola can. auction will kick off the event, while event visitors can win legendary NFT wearable jerseys.

Decentralize and attract brands

Last year Decentraland became DAO and now the community makes all the decisions. Decentraland Foundation is critical as a leader and has established some interesting partnerships in recent months. Sotheby’s auction house has opened a virtual version of its London office. In addition, several companies have also acquired land in the virtual world. For example, the role-playing game Ethermon is building its 3D gaming ecosystem within the virtual gaming world.

More importantly, there were tests to order pizza from Decentraland. Good thing. Atari has also opened its own online casino.


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