classic arcade game revived in the SpacePort Play-to-Earn game

A new gambling sensation to win has gotten a bit famous in recent weeks, as SpacePort has brought classic arcade games to the blockchain space. In this arcade-inspired shooter, active players can earn 20% of their possessions every day simply by playing.

In terms of gameplay SpacePort doesn’t offer the most complicated challenges. You control a spaceship and you need to destroy the incoming enemies. Obviously the number of enemies and the speed at which they move increases and as a result the challenge is done quickly.

By firing multiple enemy ships in a row, your combo will increase. This will multiply your score. At the same time, the level of the game determines the speed of the enemies. re are three different enemies: cararate, slow, and fast. Also, you can find items that add to your combo, give a bonus or enhance your offensive or defensive powers. Depending on your score, you will be able to earn SPC tokens.

That’s where things get interesting. SpacePort has a good economy to play and win. Players who own at least $ 1 of SpacePortCoin or SPC tokens can win up to 20% of their daily bets. Currently there are only 3480 wallet addresses holding one or more SPC tokens on Binance Smart Chain, which means that SpacePort has many advantages in terms of market penetration, as various games to win on BSC have gained popularity in recent weeks. .

value of the token has increased at an incredible rate. It shows that players are interested in SpacePort’s winning mechanics. token was launched in mid-July and has already risen 10 times. Gaming tokenomy promotes keeping everything you can afford (never invest money you can’t lose!), While promoting active gaming.

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How to win playing SpacePort

Everyone with $ 1 SPC in their wallet can start winning while playing SpacePort. more you have in your portfolio, the more you can earn. However, the maximum earnings per day are set at 20% of your holdings. All rewards are paid out of 10% of the prize pool tax, which SpacePort collects on transactions. As a result, the game will retain its reward bag for as long as players join the game.

interesting thing about this economic caral is that everyone can start earning SPC. It doesn’t matter if you buy $ 5 or $ 500 of SPC, everyone benefits. Download Metamask, add Binance Smart Chain, and then go to PancakeSwap to buy SPC tokens.

Setting things up to play SpacePort, follow this simple guide after installing Metamask on your browser:

  1. Click on Metamask> Red drop-down menu> add custom RPC
  2. Cover:
    1. Name: Binance Smart Chain
    2. RPC URL:
    3. String ID: 56
    4. Currency: BNB
    5. Block Explorer:
    6. Click Save
  3. You can now select Binance Smart Chain from the network drop-down menu.
  4. n you can go to PancakeSwape exchange BNB for the custom SPC token.
  5. Contract address: 0x21ea8618b9168eb8936c3e02f0809bbe901282ac
  6. Now you can exchange BNB for SPC. You are now ready to start earning SPC.

As soon as you have BSC in your wallet, you can go to the SpacePort website, click the START button at the top right, fill in your username, press SEND and then return to the main page via the top button left to start playing. After playing a few rounds, you can hit the START button again and then click CHECK to see your winnings. Again, these daily earnings are the maximum of 20% of your holdings.

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