Chromia (CHR) Token. What is it, how to buy and price live?

Today in we are going to talk about Chromia (CHR) Token, a very interesting project that today is in the Top of Coingecko and that in this article we will talk about it.

We are going to give you all the information about Chromia and CHR Token, we are going to explain how to buy CHR Token and how to see its price live.

What is Chromia?

Chromia Executive Summary

Chromia is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible. Chromia was previously called Chromapolis.


While platforms like Ethereum allow you to implement any type of application in theory, in practice they have many limitations: poor user experience, high fees, frustrating developer experience, poor security. This prevents decentralized applications (dapps) from becoming widespread.

We believe that to address these issues correctly we need to seriously rethink the blockchain architecture and programming caral with the needs of decentralized applications in mind. Our priorities are:

  • Allow dapps to scale to millions of users. ● Improve dapps user experience to achieve parity with centralized applications. ● Allow developers to create secure applications with known paradigms.

Chromia technical design and features

We believe that a blockchain fulfills the role of a shared database within an ecosystem of decentralized applications: it stores application data and ensures that data additions, updates and transformations are authorized and consistent with the rules of the app.

For this reason, Chromia is designed and optimized to fulfill the role of a shared database in the best possible way. It is implemented using the existing postchain1 framework developed by ChromaWay, and features:

  • A relational caral2: Blockchain data and application state are stored in a relational database. This caral is considered the best in its class in terms of flexibility, versatility and consistency. ● A relational programming language: Chromia dapp backends are written in a specialized language that is deeply integrated with the relational caral. This caral increases developer productivity and ensures application consistency. ● Horizontal scaling: Each dapp has its own blockchain (s). Because each blockchain is managed by a subset of nodes, it is possible to increase total throughput by increasing the number of nodes. ● Rich querying and indexing: Dapps can quickly retrieve the information they need directly from the nodes running the application. Dapp’s blockchain logic can perform complex queries without serious performance degradation. ● High I / O performance: Data updates and queries are delegated to a highly optimized relational database, allowing dapps to perform a large number of data update operations and queries. ● PBFT3-style consensus: Transactions can be confirmed in seconds. ● First-class dapps: Dapps do not arise from “smart contracts” in Chromia, but are considered first-class entities. Chromia offers dapp developers a high degree of flexibility and control.

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CHR Token What is it?

Chroma (CHR) is the native token designed to empower the Chromia platform and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between developers, users, and investors.

CHR token utility

Act as platform currency

  • CHR is used as a ‘standard’ currency within the Chromia economy, as dapps can charge it as fees or use it as a reserve to bind their own tokens, etc.

Payment of lodging fees

  • CHR is used by dapps to pay hosting fees, thus compensating nodes.

Ecosystem stake

  • CHR is used to ensure that vendors have an interest in the Chromia ecosystem, thus offsetting incentives to collude.

Purposes of the whole system

Chromia has several special Chroma token accounts that are used for system-wide purposes such as ERC20 token binding, system node compensation pool, development pool, etc.

Key data points:

  • CHR PRICE: $ 0.302
  • CHR Chips Staked: 28,936,227 CHR

Compensation fund

graph shows the number and breakdown of CHR tokens that will be released into circulation on a monthly basis. Advisor, Promotion Fund, Ecosystem Fund and Conversion Contract tokens will continue to be distributed in 2025 and beyond.

Chromia (CHR) Token distribution.

One billion CHR tokens were created after the launch of the Chromia system. That constitutes the token supply limit, which means that no tokens will be created in the future. following pie chart illustrates the initial distribution of the CHR token.

Ecosystem background

  • Promotional fund: 38.06%
  • Private sale: 25%
  • Founders: 17.94%
  • IEO: 4.5%
  • Automatic conversion contract: 4%
  • Advisors: 3%
  • Team 3%
  • System node: 2.5%
  • Compensation fund: 2%

Frequently asked questions about Cromia (CHR) Token

Where to buy CHR

At the end of the post we will tell you how to buy CHR Token.

How do I bet CHR?

If you own CHR tokens, you can stake them at or read an article by our CTO Alex Mizrahi “Chromia Betting Mechanics” on our blog.

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Is CHR an ERC20 token?

CHR is currently an ERC20 token. However, when the Chromia mainnet launches, there will be a transition from an ERC20 token to a native one.

What is the source of your data?

  • CHR price is an average of yesterday’s closing price on some major exchanges.
  • current circulating supply is taken from the smart contract as of yesterday.
  • Total circulating supply is as in whitepaper minus burned tokens.
  • number of tokens wagered is taken from the smart contract as of yesterday.

Wasn’t the total circulating supply 1,000,000,000 CHR?

As stated in the white paper, 1,000,000,000 CHR is the maximum number of CHR tokens that can be minted. However, the circulating supply was reduced after the burning of 22 million CHR in May 2020.

What are the functions of the CHR token within the Chromia platform?

We believe CHR is the “bread and butter” of the Chromia platform. He has the following roles in Chromia:

  • It is used by dapps to pay hosting fees, thus compensating nodes. Similar to how tokens are used in Ethereum to pay transaction fees and compensate block producers, Chroma tokens are used in Chromia to compensate block producer nodes.
  • It is used as a ‘standard’ currency within the Chromia economy, as dapps can charge it as fees or use it as a reserve to bind their own tokens, etc.
  • It is used to ensure that vendors have an interest in the Chromia ecosystem, thus offsetting incentives to collude.
  • Chromia has several special Chroma token accounts that are used for system-wide purposes.
  • To read more about the CHR token ecosystem in our whitepaper.

What is the address of the CHR token contract?

You can check the CHR token address on Etherscan:

  • Disclaimer: CHR token is designed as a utility token that can be used within the Chromia platform. information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice at all.

How to buy Chromia (CHR) Token?


  • To buy Chromia (CHR) Token you have to buy it through the ETH network and then go to uniswap and buy it. To buy ETH we have to buy it through BINANCE, the best exchange in the world, once registered and verified, we will go to buy crypto, we put the currency that we are going to use to buy the ETH and the amount and we give it to buy, as and as you will see in the following image.

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  • Once the eth is purchased, we have to transfer the etherum to our wallet, it can be trustwallet or metamask, which we use.
  • You can see a tutorial on how to pass eth from Binance to metamask through the ETH network to do it.
  • And a tutorial on how to create a metamask portfolio and add it to the browser.


  • First we go to our metamask portfolio and below the amount of ETH we have is the option to buy, we give it and we will jump to the following:
  • We give Wyre and once inside, we select our currency and the amount, we can also pay with Apple or with a debit or credit card.
  • and voila, we have our eth in our metamask portfolio.


  • Once with our ETH we enter uniswap through the following url; Uniswap CHR and we have to import the token, in order to operate, as we see in the following image.
  • Next we have to connect our wallet and select the amount of ETH that we want to exchange for Chromia (CHR) Token and give it to exchange, as we see in the following image;

And voila, you already have it purchased.

  • I hope you liked the article and that it is helpful, any questions can leave a comment and it will be answered on the same day.

Chromia (CHR) Token Live Price :

  • In the following link they have the price in direct: Price in direct



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