ByteDex Exchange (BYTEDEX) Token. What is it and how to buy?

This time we will not talk about a simple token, ByteDex Exchange, a fairly ambitious project that comes out on July 31, 2021 to the market and that will be a new Exchange, which will also have its Token, which is ByteDex Token and in this article We will try to explain the entire project and how to buy your Token.

Exchange website: Enter here and register.

What is Bytedex?

Bytedex is a blockchain-based exchange that users connect with non-custodial crypto wallets. As a hybrid exchange, it takes some features of centralized exchanges to provide better services to its users. So Bytedex is a decentralized exchange that has some characteristics of centralized exchanges that make it a hybrid exchange. So we can call Bytedex as a HEX exchange. ByteDex does not store your funds. Users go online to trade with a non-custodial wallet and trade in a secure environment.

Why Bytedex Exchange?

At Bytedex Exchange we use a different architecture that allows us to work with Ethereum, Binance Smartchain and Tron Networks at the same time. ByteDex has a Dex wallet called ByteW! ByteW is a multi-signature wallet as a trusted wallet that users can connect to our exchange and operate on all 3 blockchain networks at the same time through advanced smart contract operations.

Also on Bytedex Exchange, ?ByteDex Brokers? is another feature that professional traders would like very much when they provide professional trading services to their clients using client funds within a certain limit decided by the fund owners.

We also give BYTEDEX Token holders the opportunity to earn an income for betting their tokens on the ByteDex exchange up to% 50 APY depending on their amount and betting time. ByteDex has an innovative thinking mind, by the end of this year, all functions will be completed as written in the whitepaper. For now our exchange will open on July 31st.

What is the ByteDex community?

Byte Exchange will be a community-driven exchange for the first time in the world. Each community with a minimum of 10,000 members has the right to elect its own community leader from that country. Community leaders will sit on the Byte Exchange board for 2 years and represent their community. Byte Exchange will also share 20% of the leader’s country net income as a community development budget in that country.

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terms of the elections and the minimum requirements to be a candidate for community elections will be announced.

What is ByteDex Token?

BYTEDEX Token is the official business unit of Bytedex Exchange. BYTEDEX Token has been produced in cooperation with Tron Network, in total one billion units in TRC-10 format only for the pre-sale and ICO stage. At the opening of the exchange, the TRC-10 BYTEDEX tokens will be exchanged with the TRC-20, ERC-20 and Bep-20 BYTEDEX tokens.

Bytedex Token Presale Information:

If you bought with crypto assets, you will receive tokens immediately when your transaction is confirmed by the payment processors. If you purchased by bank transfer, your transaction will be finalized once the transfer of funds is confirmed. Please note that tokens purchased via bank transfer will be distributed at 00.00 every midnight after confirmation.

minimum quantity is 1000 BYTEDEX tokens.

Can I withdraw BYTEDEX tokens to another crypto wallet?

If you can! You can use wallets like Tronlink or Trust Wallet Etc. Do not try to send BYTEDEX tokens to your exchange wallets, your tokens may be lost forever. Use personal crypto wallets

To identify the token:

Network: Red Tron

Format: TRC-10

Contract ID (token): 1003894

Name: ByteDex



Airdrop still images continue and will end on July 25. All tasks give you 100 BYTEDEX Token and 50 BYTEDEX Token for each airdrop referral. You need a minimum of 250 BYTEDEX Token to withdraw. Airdrop token distributions will be on August 15.

Participate in the Airdrop here.

Come in and register and invite people.

Benefits of Buying Bytedex Token:

Hodling BYTEDEX Token will get great rewards and discounts on ByteDex Exchange. Betting on the BYTEDEX token allows bettors to get a part of the net profit of the exchange as a reward in BYTEDEX tokens. A total of up to 50% of the net proceeds of the exchange will be distributed to the Stakers according to the amount and period of participation.

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When and in which exchanges will the BYTEDEX token be included?

BYTEDEX tokens will be listed on the ByteDex exchange on July 31, 2021 at first sight.

Between September 2021 and January 2022, BYTEDEX will include at least 3 other exchanges and at least 5 other exchanges in a year. Listing ads will be posted on our website and social media accounts.

Can you buy with a credit or debit card on ByteDex Exchange?

For fiduciary payments, you can use applications like Wise (formerly transferwise) to send funds to our accounts in USD and euros. In the Wise app you can fund your bank account with credit and debit cards than you can make a bank transfer to ByteDex Acoounts.

What wallet do I need to store BYTEDEX tokens?

You can store them in your personal cryptocurrency wallets or you can keep them in your ByteDex account until ByteW goes live on July 15. We recommend that you keep the tokens in your Bytedex account and then transfer them to Byte Wallet (ByteW)

Are there additional bonuses for large investors?

3% for Collaborator and 10% for those who recommend between 1000 and 5000 Purchase of BYTEDEX 5% for Collaborator and 10% for those who recommend between 5001 and 15000 Purchase BYTEDEX 8% for Collaborator and 10% for those who recommend between 15001 and 50,000 Purchase of BYTEDEX 10% for Collaborator and 10% for those who make a reference among more than 50,000 Purchase of BYTEDEX

How to buy Bytedex Token on Bytedex Exchange?

first thing we have to do is go to the Exchange, for this we must enter here

Once inside we have to go to “Buy token” and select the currency with which we are going to buy. (In our case we will do it with Euros).

Well once the currency is selected, we have to put the amount of ByteDex Token that we are going to buy ( minimum is 1000 equivalent to 25 Euros) and we give Make Payment.

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Now once inside, a screen will appear where we have to select the payment method option, in our case it will be Bank transfer with Euros.

Now we will see that the order is done, but it will be pending that we make the transfer. So we will have to go to our bank and transfer the money to that account with the data they give us.

When they receive the transfer, you will have your tokens in the Exchange account, which you can save there or in your personal Wallet.

If you want to save them in your personal wallet, the token information contains the data to be transferred through the Tron network.

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