Beware: Ledger phishing attacks

This year, customer data was stolen from Ledger, the maker of the eponymous hardware wallets. While there have already been ingenious phishing attacks with rogue Ledger Live software in the previous months, a new series of phishing attempts may now be underway. The most important lesson: never fill in your seed on any device other than your own Ledger.

Leaked data

In the leak of Ledger’s marketing database, names, telephone numbers, address details and email addresses, among other things, have been released. This data has been made public today, making it available to everyone. This makes it likely that a larger group of malicious parties will now start using it. Whether your data is also included can be found on the website

best practices

It is important to realize what risks you, as a Ledger customer, could run. Because email addresses, telephone numbers and home addresses of many customers are now on the street, people should pay extra attention to contact requests that will come in. The initiative has also been committed to drawing the attention of the regular banking sector to such tricks for some time now. Tikkie and WhatsApp fraud are also the order of the day. Essentially, what’s happening with Ledger now is no different. So it remains important to be aware of the best practices at all times:

  • Enter your seed on a computer or mobile? Never !
  • An email or text from Ledger, requesting to download and install new software? Never !
  • Signing a transaction not initiated by you? Never !
  • Provide data to prevent a blocking of the Ledger? Never !

Ledger itself maintains a page where it shares best practices and notifies customers of new phishing attempts.

Anyone susceptible

It is hammered so often, and yet people still fall for it with open eyes. Even the biggest bitcoin and computer connoisseurs can fall into traps at the slightest inadvertent moments. This is and remains human. So it is not something to be ashamed of when this happens to them. The attacks are so advanced that investigating officers, who deal with such practices on a daily basis, can also become victims. Always stay alert online, especially when it comes to money.


The data leak once again makes it clear that the unnecessary retention of personal data by third parties is a potential danger. This is also the point that Bitonic is concerned about with the new crypto regulations:

The right to privacy is always put in second place by, among other things, rules on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, and this is how you ultimately create a society based on mistrust and control.

Bitcoin stands for financial freedom and this freedom also includes financial privacy. From this perspective, the fact that all kinds of personal data end up in the hands of companies is a paradox and also a major risk. We will always be critical and resistant to these drastic measures. In addition to complying with investigation laws, we also see it as a legal obligation to respect human rights.

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